2016 Lovin

Happy New Years Everyone!

I am extremely excited for 2016! First of all, I graduate from CSNN this summer! If you don’t know what that is, it is the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, where I am studying Holistic Nutrition. I do truly love working as a psychiatric nurse, but would love to balance it out by incorporating a holistic approach when helping others. Not that I don’t educate my patients about coping techniques and using holistic approaches when dealing with depression and anxiety, but I have little say at the hospital about using food to heal both psychiatric and medical illnesses. Once I am registered to practice holistic nutrition, I hope to work with women suffering from eating disorders and disordered eating patterns, and educate them on fueling their body and mind with the right nutrients, as well as offer different techniques to combat their thinking patterns that ultimately control their eating behaviours. I have a long road ahead of me but am so excited for the future!

New Years was as perfect as it could get. One of my best friends Triscilla was in town with her boyfriend for a few weeks. She was also here to celebrate my 27th birthday (a few days before Christmas) which was super nice because I was beginning to feel a little lonely over the holidays. Trissy and I bond like no other. Stick us in a tea shop and we’ll talk for hours about spirituality and well-being, relationships and self-love, and both of our dreams of one day opening up a business. We also added another star tattoo to our other stars! Each one signifies different stages of our lives. I’m sure we have many more to add.

My other best friend (I have a lot of best friends) Kayla also came down for a week over New Years! One of my most genuine, funny, beautiful girlfriends, who also dubbed as my personal hair stylist for the week 🙂 We ate lots of food, drank *appropriate* amounts of wine, and laughed our nights away. Kayla also came with me to view my new home up on Black Mountain! As much as I am sad to leave my current beautiful condo downtown Kelowna, I know what lies ahead is best for me. I truly believes everything happens for a reason. I also get to have my kitty Marlow back, who comes home to me at the end of February.

The matcha latte from Pulp Fiction Coffee house 🙂


Our tattoos! This was taken right after I finished my tattoo and before Triscilla got hers. It hurt, biiiigtime.

This year is all about me. Okay that sounds a little selfish. But I truly want to make choices everyday that make me feel GOOD. I jumped on the opportunity to get a 4 month unlimited moksha pass, which I have already been using to my advantage! I also choose to eat foods that fuel me, body and mind. For far too long I have been chasing my sweet tooth with sweetened protein powders, artificially sweetened foods, and other processed foods that do not do me any good. I since then have been choosing more nutrient dense foods, (greens, probiotic foods, bone broth, all the veggies, berries, and nuts and seeds) I am still eating protein, but have probably reduced my animal protein in half, as I was still consuming the same amount I was when I was body building, and I’m only lifting weights 1-2 times a week now! I know I am still getting my essential amino acids in, and now I can enjoy delicious plant based meals more often! Dairy is still limited, but I will always enjoy a little cream in my coffee and goat cheese on my salads. Overall I have more energy, am sleeping like a baby, and my skin is glowing.

The next few weeks I am going to be head deep in my chemistry course, as well as packing for the move! I promise more recipes and home workouts in the future (my new place has a huuuge backyard!) Don’t forget to make some goals for this year, they don’t have to be resolutions! Just write em down, review them daily, and drink matcha and do yoga 🙂 okay that last one was for me…


xox Kelly

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