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Guys, my birthday is this month! Actually it’s this week. I thought I would hate getting older as I near 30, but I actually have never been more excited in my life! Okay lies, I’m pretty much this excited every time I have a few spare hours to watch The Office and hang with Marlow with absolutely no agenda… but I’m also really excited for my birthday this year.

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Oh Hi Ryan ūüôā

Now I try to exhibit this #positivevibesonly persona¬†and hate on Negative Nancy’s but you know what? I absolutely hated 27. Everything about it. My relationship ended, I moved three times, I struggled financially, I gained weight, and felt like I completely lost myself. Like it was the worst. I shudder thinking of some of the rock bottoms I hit. I tried to¬†blame anything and everything for my failures. It wasn’t until I took complete responsibility, acknowledged my mistakes, and decided to make a change,¬†that things really did start to change.¬†I rediscovered myself and day by day I gained momentum forward and began implementing small changes in my life that finally lead to a happier, more productive, more focused, less cranky, me.

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When I say small changes¬†I mean like super small. Like a tsp of apple cider vinegar super small or a table spoon of sauerkraut once a day. For months I slipped away from these old daily habits because “I didn’t have time”, or was too “stressed.” Everything boils down to proper digestion. So even though I may not have been necessarily eating the best foods for my body I knew that if I hopped on the probiotic train I would begin to see and feel results. Nutrition is and will always be the backbone to my health, and finally I began to practice what I preach. It is what I am passionate about and why I became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist despite my successful Psychiatric Nursing career. But¬†why was I feeling so broken despite having all the knowledge of a nutritionist (and also a mental health nurse?) Because. Sometimes the bankers broke and the dentist has cavities.

I was aware I was spiraling and using all of my resources just to finish the nutrition program. I was working next to full time hours, pouring my spare time into my Case Studies, and still made sure I had time to drink wine with the girls because that’s how I destressed. It is what I told myself I needed to do to get through the last few months of the program.¬†I also failed to¬†keep my Vitamin B levels high by not going¬†back to the naturopath for my B shots (so worth it if you’re¬†consistent) and wasn’t supplementing orally so I literally was running on barely any Bs, one of the most important Vitamins to help you deal with stress!¬†My nutrition was backwards, sleep was not a priority, I took 2 months off from exercising, and I was self destructing just to keep my head on straight. It was a recipe for disaster.

As mentioned above, my nutrition was definitely not on point. I mean I tried. But I was literally living off protein powder and meals out, as well as ingesting foods I know I’m sensitive to and don’t tolerate well. I was eating processed foods left right and centre, and started developing cravings around the clock. Sugar cravings. If I wasn’t snacking on some sort of dopamine enhancing sugar treat I was chewing gum, or drinking a sweet drink, whether with flavoured BCAA’s or stevia.

Fast forward a few months (and another move), and I finally feel like myself again. I’m inspired to cook again. Real food this time, like ingredients you find at the store and chop up and put in a pot and voila, you have like a home cooked meal that you can sit down and enjoy while watching the Office with your cat…

I digress… I also started meditating. 2 words: life changing. Just actually do it, and thank me later. It takes commit but I guarantee it’ll be worth it. Exercise is a necessity, (not over doing it because Hello Adrenals I need you guys on my side), but even just walking or doing some cardiovascual exercise 20 minutes per day is so important! And lastly,¬†I sleep. Like actual sleep. Magnesium, gaba, face mask and boom, 8 hours later I’m awake with only a mild drool stain but feeling oh so good. So there you have it guys: nutrition, meditation, exercise, and sleep.

Take a look at your current habits, are you satisfied with them? What can you change?

If I can do it, so can you. I truly started from the bottom, (now I’m here). Killing it with the Drake quotes… But I can’t even begin to tell you the differences I’ve noticed since adopting my old habits! Okay, well I have to begin, it’s like the point of this post.

Basically my meals have been filled with vegetables, a protein source, and the star of the show.. FAT. Like, lots of fat. Immeasurable amounts of fat. Well, you could measure it but that’s no fun. The kicker? I’ve cut down on the carbohydrates. Now nothing against them, but when you’ve got kiiind of a sugar problem, even cutting out clean carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes and fruits is essential to help kick the habit. I’ve still been eating squash, some berries in my smoothies, and a small amount of root vegetables. I’ve been eating sauerkraut with every meal, as well as apple cider vinegar in the mornings. I’ve been eating 3 meals per day, instead of 3 meals plus like 18 snacks in between and multiple trips to the refrigerator just opening and closing the door and staring at the cheese drawer…

It also took a lot of mental work, and to realize why oh why was I craving sugar all the time. Meditating daily (well most days) has made an incredible difference in my mindfulness. I also had to understand the physiological responses my body was having when I ate sugar. Blood sugar levels, insulin levels, cortisol levels.. they were all over the place. Highs and lows throughout the day. I was experiencing digestive difficulties, chronic fatigue, cognitive issues, and weight gain.. and I can honestly say these things have all resolved since changing my diet.

It is so simple, yet there seems to be such¬†little awareness. I’m not telling you to completely change your diet and eat the way I do, but I am encouraging you to put down the ice cream spoon and make a commitment to cutting out the sugar. I have put together a program¬†called “You’re Sweet Enough” that can help you begin your quest to cut out sugar.¬†These are techniques I started using when I was completely fed up with my cravings and unhealthy eating patterns. This guide will help you learn to eat in a sustainable way and begin developing new eating habits, leaving you feel energized and focused throughout your day. No sugar binges or sugar crashes.

I’ve also added¬†a few of my favourite recipes using non-toxic alternatives to sugar so you can still enjoy a sweet treat once in awhile, without eating a whole McCain cake and crashing on the couch to Grey’s Anatomy! No? Just me?

The benefits are endless when you cut out sugar and refined carbohydrates. Just a few things that you will begin to see improve: sleep, energy levels, mood, skin, sugar cravings, digestion, wight loss, as well as hormonal regulation and enhanced liver function!

The hardest part is taking the first step, and making that commitment to eating nutrient dense foods versus processed foods. Commit to change. Try different foods. Eat more fat. Now once again, I am not promoting a super low carbohydrate diet! I know that restricting your diet too much can be difficult to follow and may produce worse sugar cravings and binges. But I am promoting you to add healthy fats, unlimited vegetables, and protein, and be mindful about the sugary treats and processed foods you have been accustomed to putting on your plate. You will be surprised at how you feel once your blood sugar levels become more balanced and you actually feel more satiated throughout the day as your body is getting the nourishment it needs.

So if you¬†feel you have kiiind of a sugar¬†problem¬†like I did¬†and are hoping to start the New Year (Or NOW) with new habits and are READY to make a change, then check out my the “You’re Sweet Enough” program HERE.¬†Hope Ya’ll have A very Merry Christmas filled with way too much love.

See you in 2017!

From my heart to yours <3



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