A Very Intuitive Weekend

I had quite an eventful weekend as usual. And by eventful I mean filled with delicious food. Food I didn’t have to stress about or feel guilty about after consuming, food that I thoroughly enjoyed after every bite, and food that I pushed away from me after I felt full. These are simple actions people experience every single day, and once again this was lost to me after a year of dieting, macro/calorie counting, over exercising, and what I call a mild form of disordered eating. One post I will explain why I snuck in the word mild. Anyways, this weekend was special to me. During the week, we are basic. And I don’t mean walking around the condo with uggs, lulus (okay maybe lulus), and pumpkin spice lattes.. Oh but for the record, I did purchase a pumpkin spice candle that is put away nicely in the cupboard because the mister doesn’t like the scent. Typical.

By basic I mean that during the week, we literally eat chicken and veggies. Our chicken is usually marinated in Frank’s hot sauce or we’ll do a garlic, salt & peppa, and oregano blend. We’ll BBQ a Costco batch up and there’s our chicken for the week! The bf usually eats his with whatever veggies we have on hand, and sometimes even frozen, and I am still OBSESSED with broccoli slaw sautéed in coconut oil. Don’t ask. But I toss in the some chicken to the pan once the broccoli is all crispy and it honestly is one of my favourite go to meals! I know I’m getting healthy fats, proteins, and enough carbohydrates to support healthy brain and thyroid/adrenal function.

Now bout last weekend. I got to enjoy some delicious food that’s not in my normal routine. I didn’t take a picture of my Thursday night dinner at Cactus Club (the new cactus club on the water in Kelowna is awesome by the way, fav place to go for cocktails and appys!). It was super dark inside, and I was with 8 other nurses and still trying to make friends okay? Who wants to be the girl that pauses to take artsy pics of their food. I’m sure they expected it as they all follow me on Instagram, but still, play cool Kelly. After a very tough decision process I ordered the jambalaya and I was quite impressed! They subbed out the rice so it was just veggies (and added some more green beans), and it was still a little too spicy for me so they ended up bringing me a side of white rice anyways as well as some extra creme freche. Thank god I popped some lactase pills before! Had them in my purse anyways #beprepared. I did manage to snap a pic of all the ladies however!

Friday night the go to restaurant was Joeys. I haven’t been to this restaurant since living in Edmonton, well over 6 months ago, so I was excited! Apparently I was planning to order steak cause I ordered a Malbec off the bat, but ended up settling on the Sashimi Tuna Salad. SO GOOD. I paired it with a Chardonnay, after the glass of red.. which was totally breaking wine pairing rules but I’m totally fine with that. They subbed out the crunch noodles with brown rice (was trying to bypass gluten but clearly didn’t mind when Ashley and I demolished the apple pie that the waiter brought us). Okay demolish is a harsh word. But fitting. The whole meal was heavenly and I already decided I will order this everytime I go. Don’t even drop off a menu please.

And Saturday, oh Saturday. After a 12 hour shift I was CRAVING Indian food. Like at 1pm I was texting the bf about my curry cravings. We contemplated going to a few different restaurants but ended up at Dawett, Fine Indian Cuisine, which was about 15 steps away. Convenience won. And they were playing the oilers game so it really was an all around win. Personally I enjoyed the food. No cooking, no cleaning, it satisfied my craving, and felt it was both cooked and flavoured well. The bf however was unimpressed, and now we’re holding a dinner party this weekend because he’s got the itch to cook a beef curry. This usually happens when we have sub par food at restaurants. Am I complaining? Naaww.

We ordered tandoori chicken, coconut chicken, red curried fish, veggies (these sucked.. Some were soggy and some weren’t cooked!) and the bf drank some signature beer and I had a glass of Sauvignon blanc and a watered down gin martini that I pretended was “fantastic”. Aside from the poor service and weak drinks, we also had first row seats to the awkward couple next to us that must have been on a first date. The poor guy listed all of his medical and psychiatric diagnoses as well as his correlated prescriptions. He was also a nervous wreck and I could smell the benzodiazepines melting in his moistened jeans. Okay maybe not.. probably too smart to take those before a date, but the poor guy was sweating, and about as nervous as it gets. Back to food. I didn’t get a good picture of din but here’s a snap shot of a few of the dishes.

And Sunday night was homemade lettuce wrapped burgers. Before however, I enjoyed a beauty walk with this guy, Charles, a great dane english mastif (I think) and a nurse I work with. It was peaceful, and quiet. It was awesome to try out new hikes as I’ve only tried a few different trails in Kelowna.


The bf grilled up the burgers while I cut up fresh veggies. We sauteed mushrooms and roasted broccoli, it was lovely. I know I often preach the “paleo” diet. But it truly is the perfect framework for me. It provides a foundation I can work with. Obviously I don’t eat 100% paleo, hence the apple pie, and costco chicken breast reference. But I truly believe even just eating a whole food diet will prove beneficial for anyone struggling with weight issues or health issues. Rarely do I feel sick, bloated, or tired. I typically don’t eat dairy, but love it as much as the next person, and carry a few lactase pills with me, cause hey.. enzymes never hurt anyone. Overall this dinner to finish off the weekend was perfect. The bf even made a homemade chipotle mayo sauce that was delish and added the perfect spice!


Finally, it was time to try out the homemade probiotics we made in class last Friday. First of all, this is fricken amazing. I thought making sauerkraut was a complicated, messy task. You LITERALLY just throw in veggies to a dish, rub with pink salt, and set in a jar for a few days. This one pictured includes cabbage, beets, and garlic. I’ve made a huge effort into incorporating more probiotic foods into my diet and it has made a world of difference. My digestion is amazing, I have tons of energy, and most importantly, I’m ABLE to go out and enjoy all of the foods above, as well as occasional treats at home without feeling the negative consequences and digestive discomfort. Why? Because my microbiome is BALANCED. It is healed. No leaky guy for me. All the bad guys stay out, while I have supported my microbiome with enough good bacteria to beak up the bad guys and keep them moving along the digestive tract, while still being able to absorb important nutrients. It’s awesome.


8 more days until I’m off toe beautiful Mexico!

Have a lovely week, and don’t forget to get in those probiotics!

xx Kelly

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