April: Meditation, Mindfulness, Moksha

Well April has come and gone! I’m just now getting to my April post for #yearofselflove. Very consistent Kell. I’m just too busy with my girls trips, staycations, and cheering on the Oilers. I should also note it hasn’t even broken 20 degrees here…

This would be common if say I lived in Edmonton or something, but nope. I’m in Kelowna. Taking advantage of the fall weather my with scarves and leather jackets. That’s okay, I fit in quite well wearing my scarves at Girls Weekend at SilverStar & my booty’s in Portland with another amazing group of gals.

I also just wanna make a quick note how extremely lucky and grateful I am to have the friends that I have. Even the few girls (and guys) I’ve recently met, I just can’t imagine where I would be without these short and sweet connections that I know will carry on.

So if you’ve been following along you’ll know that this year, 2017, is my #yearofselflove. Yeah it’s cliché but I’m happy as hell these days so shush. I have this little experiment to thank for it after the lovely previous year that kind of broke me. But 2017. Just one year where I get to be extra selfish, put myself first, and focus on something different every month to better myself. January: Nutrition, February: Exercise, March: Travel, and April: Meditation.

I remember reading through the book Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris during my recent travels, and every person I stumbled upon mentioned meditation being an imperative part of their successes.

Ps. We aren’t meditating here…

Meditation has been on the surface of my mind for quite some time. But I always have an excuse not to practice. Not enough time, too stressed, or had other priorities such as hanging out with Marlow. Sorry to bring you into this bud… Maybe stop purring like a tractor and I can get other things done 😉 (he’ll never read this).

Have I meditated everyday in April? Of course not. Have I been mindful about adding it into my daily routine when I can? Absolutely. Every morning before work, once I’m ready to go I consciously leave enough time to get in a small meditation. If my mind is racing and I’m thinking up reasons to not practice, I literally type into youtube “3 minutes guided meditation.” You don’t need to meditate for a half an hour. More than often after my 3 minutes I feel so much better that I add on another 10 or 15, whatever I have time for. The saying is true “99% of success is just showing up.”I find I practice best after I have been awake for awhile, even 20-30 minutes. Once, I attempted to meditate as soon as my alarm went off and fell asleep within a matter of seconds, so thank god for the snooze button.

I also signed up for unlimited Moksha yoga, which I have been so in love with. I go early to class just to lay down and get my meditation in. I also find the more I show up to yoga, the more the actual class just becomes a full meditation practice. I’ve learned to flow through the poses focusing on my breath, keeping my mind quieted, calm. Except when it’s your first class back post trip to Portland when you consume more beer in one weekend than you have your entire life. (I’m a wine girl)…Then the class becomes more of a workout where you are more concerned with the amount you are sweating than whether or not your breath is moving with your vinyasa flows.

I actually just returned from a 60 minute flow class. Did I know it was a Moksha flow? Nah. Gets me every time! Today was actually day 30 of their 30 Day Moksha Challenge, (didn’t participate obvs), and the word of the day was Gratitude. Another tactic that is proven to enhance your life. And it’s simple, just BE grateful.

Today I’m grateful for yoga, Marlow (as usual), and this outstanding coffee I’m drinking.

Keep in mind that even 15 seconds of a quieted mind can be extrememly beneficial. It strengthens your frontal lobe, which is responsible for your decision making and problem solving. It increases your ability to control your thoughts and reactions. It improves metabolism, enhances immunity, and decreases stress. It increases self-awareness, mental clarity, and emotional intelligence.

Yes, it is hard to get started, like anything else. But you have to make a commitment, and start off small. Even with 1 or 2 minutes. Just like exercising regularly or eating properly, once you commit and see results, it makes it easier to continue, making it a habit, and so on.

Manifesting and visualization are also extremely important components when meditating. I am just starting to introduce these concepts and can see the amazing benefits. Fill your mind with images and words that emulate you. See who you want to become. And lastly, do it in a comfortable place, ideally with tapered sweats and slips 🙂

See the world, be the world.

Til’ next time.


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  1. Robyn Galloway April 30, 2017 at 10:41 pm

    Sound advice. I wish I knew as much about living your best life as you do when I was your age.


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