Bulletproof Anyone?

I’ve recently started adding bulletproof coffee into my morning routine! With working 12 hour day shifts, it is tough to pack a bunch of food for work. When I have bulletproof coffee in the mornings: A) it saves me time by not making breakfast and B) I usually don’t eat until lunch so I don’t have to pack as much food for work, which saves me time as well! #win

Since I’ve been  working day shifts, and been LOVING my coffee breaks, I’ve opted for bulletproof matcha tea in the morning! I also always sip on hot lemon water while I do my hair 🙂 my bullet proof matcha consists of 1 tsp matcha tea, a cup of hot water, cinnamon, pinch of pink sea salt, and a splash of vanilla! I also added cashew milk one day but didn’t notice too much of a difference. Lastly I add a T of MCT oil. When I drink coffee I don’t mind using coconut oil but for some reason I’m not a fan of matcha and coconut oil. I pulse it all in my magic bullet for about ten seconds and then top with cinnamon and a sprinkle of pink salt.

So delicious. Like seriously. Frothy and smooth 🙂

I also noticed a HUGE difference in my energy levels. I felt energized and focused. I don’t bulletproof everyday because it’s so important to make sure you have tons of nutrients and not constantly ride on a calorie deficit. So about 3 days a week I do a 16 hour fast. I’ll have dinner at about 8 pm, have my bulletproof coffee/tea at 6 am the next morning, and have a hearty lunch at noon the next day! I don’t feel restricted or deprived, I am giving myself sufficient calories in the am with a healthy dose of either MCT oil or coconut oil (sometimes I mix half and half!) and by lunch time, my appetite is worked up enough for a healthy veggie filled salad and some protein!

I had some tuna on the side mixed with mayo (non paleo unfortunately) and a generous amount of black pepper.

Less than a week until I start my holistic nutrition studies! I’ve been working insane hours at the hospital, between 60-72 hour weeks. I finally had today off and had a total ME day and I loved every second of it. Started off with a Starbucks and a pedicure. The nail place I go to has the back massage chairs and I could literally sit there for hours!

Afterwards I got my eyebrows threaded and tinted, I finally found a good place in town! Then I headed to my favourite “fast food” chain in Kelowna: Chopped Leaf! I got the usual; spinach, chicken, feta, avocado, bacon, cucumbers, apples, onion, and balsamic dressing.

Afterwards I went shopping with a fellow nurse. I purchased a few cute autumn sweaters, some new boots, a pumpkin spiced candle (obviously) and some school supplies! Basically just a bunch of colorful highlighters and pens…

Shortly after I met my girlfriend Hallie and we hit up a few of my favourite Wineries in West Kelowna; The Hatch and the infamous Quails Gate.

The weather is cooling down here in Kelowna but the views still remain spectacular and the wine… Delicious as ever. We finished off the evening with dinner at Earls rooftop patio. I had the usual, chicken, Brie, and fig sandwich, hold the bun and a side of veggies.

I still find it so incredible how at one point, I experienced immense anxiety around eating, and constantly either felt guilt for eating “over” my macros or felt a sense of calm or sometimes even a high for eating according to my macros. After a long period of a constant mental struggle it’s a good feeling to finally find balance. Not only are my hormones finally balanced, and I can truly feel full/hungry, but I feel mentally in tune with my body and don’t feel the anxiety and stress I once felt after eating out at restaurants. Time to make a pot of tea and hit the hay. And yes it’s 8pm… #oldlady #goodnight 💕

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