Canada Day Weekend❤️

I can honestly say this weekend was one of my favourites since moving to Kelowna. Amazing food. Incredible wine. And the best company you can ask for.

We had our friends out, Chase and Calyn for a few days and had an unreal time with them. It truly made me realize how important it is to cherish having good people in your lives. We had them out for Canada Day, along with 10 other people and made the most insane tacos! My boyfriend was awake at 7 am getting the pork started while I slept the morning off as I worked a night shift the night before. He also made a lime mayo, salsa verde, guacomole, and fresh corn tortillas.

 Such a fun food experience, we often do tacos when we have large groups over, and I’m finally getting the hang of some of the taco process! We had a beautiful view of the fireworks from our condo and just ended up staying in with our friends catching up.

Thursday morning we hit up the beach and then went out on the bfs bosses boat for 6 hours!

Once again, incredible views, and I managed to try wake surfing for the first time! Am definitely excited to get out on the water again.

It’s so crazy that at one point my life consisted of tracking everything I ate, weighing myself daily, exercising out of guilt, and negative self talk. It’s SO easy to be unhappy when you’re basically setting yourself up for failure. I’m never going to look how I did when I stepped on stage last October for my first bikini competition. And I’m finally okay with that. Do I want to eat 1200 calories a day and do an hour of cardio every morning? Absolutely not.

Friday morning we started the day with an amazing brunch at the Bohemian Cafe. I had scrambled eggs, steamed spinach, fresh tomato, and an abovado(half an avocado stuffed with spinach) along with a delicious pinapple Orange mimosa. We toured vineyards all day, enjoyed the sunshine, and ended up at a casino where our friends won 1300! Just enough for us to convince them to come to Mexico in October 🙂

And today? We took advantage of the +36 weather. We rented a seadoo for an hour (and I got to drive!) and walked around downtown Kelowna. A new cactus club opened up right on the boardwalk, and a block from our condo, so we went for a glass of wine and an appy. I had a deeeeelicious Chardonnay from Meyer Estate Wineries, located in the Okanagan Valley close to Penticton, and perfectly paired it with a Tuna Tartare stack, exclusively available at this Cactus location.

Not a fan of the panko crumbs on top but next time I’ll order without! Afterwards we went to our favourite Thai restaurant and had chicken satay with peanut sauce, and a red and green curry 🙂 SO GOOD. Once again, I can’t imagine living a life where I don’t get to eat amazing food like I did today.

 Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Tomorrow starts a long 72 hour work week. Enjoying these beautiful days off in the Okanagan. #loveyourlife Cheers🍷💕

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