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Green Juice & Broth Cleanse

So guys, I did a juice cleanse. Actually I did a juice and bone broth cleanse. BIG difference.
First off, my diet has always been geared towards higher fat, lower carbohydrate. It just has, it’s how I roll. Do I love carbs? Obviously. But I would rather fuel myself with rich, nutrient dense healthy fats

The End Is Near

Fact: the title of this is referring to me completing my holistic nutrition program and NOT readying myself for the worlds demise due to global warming, the election 2016, and instasnapchat. But the truth is, I am SO TIRED of completing case study after case study and it’s 5 am so I’m going to try

My Maca

Okay, so I’ve recently embarked on the journey of getting off oral contraceptives, and instead switching to a less estrogen dominant and thus hormone dysregulating product. If there’s ONE thing I’ve learned in my program, it’s the negative effects that oral contraceptives have on your hormones, and your body. I’m going on 13 years taking

Tis the Season for Green Juice

It’s funny how you can eat healthy, nutritious, nutrient dense foods, get plenty of sleep, and still wind up sick on the couch with loads of herbal tea and a roll of toilet paper because you’ve ran out of Kleenex. To be┬ácompletely honest, I feel a little stupid walking around with a rudolf nose, itchy

Chocolate Brownie Bulletproof Coffee

Okay okay, this drink defeats the purpose of Bulletproof Coffee. BP Coffee usually consists of a cup of your favorite coffee, a couple table spoons of either grassfed butter, MCT oil, or brain octane oil, and maybe a little bit of vanilla extract and cinnamon, but I couldn’t resist myself! I usually drink this while

Bulletproof Anyone?

I’ve recently started adding bulletproof coffee into my morning routine! With working 12 hour day shifts, it is tough to pack a bunch of food for work. When I have bulletproof coffee in the mornings: A) it saves me time by not making breakfast and B) I usually don’t eat until lunch so I don’t

Superfood Smoothie

I love how I’m making smoothies again. I spent so long only having plain protein shakes (whey protein, ice, water… almond milk if I was lucky!) Even though the base of this smoothie is pretty basic, I get SO excited when I think about adding toppings! Almost like healthy frozen yogurt without all the cheesecake

Maca Power Smoothie

After combing through the aisles of Choices Market in Kelowna, I finally landed myself upon some Maca powder! Grocery shopping is by far one of my favourite activities, and I was so excited to discover new health food stores when I moved to BC. I wasn’t sure what to mix this up with but it