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Apple Cinnamon Muffins

Such a busy week in my little world of Kelly! I managed to work 60 hours at the hospital (never again!) on top of attending classes twice a week, and all of that fun studying that goes along with it. For the record, colorful pens make studying a LOT more fun. Nothing like regressing back

Chocolate Brownie Bulletproof Coffee

Okay okay, this drink defeats the purpose of Bulletproof Coffee. BP Coffee usually consists of a cup of your favorite coffee, a couple table spoons of either grassfed butter, MCT oil, or brain octane oil, and maybe a little bit of vanilla extract and cinnamon, but I couldn’t resist myself! I usually drink this while

Sunday’s ❤️

For the longest time I remember I always worked Sunday’s. School during the week, restaurant on the weekend. I worked 72 hours at the hospital this week, and I’m am beyond exhausted. Normally I would not work that many shifts (6 12 hr shifts in 7 days!) but because I’m going to school soon I

Bliss Balls

I can’t believe I’ve never made these! I think I remember making protein balls awhile back, but they were nothing like these little delicious balls of bliss. Literally. It helps having a vitamix too, that thing blasts anything you throw in there!
I don’t know if karma is after me, but today I decided to

Those Pasta Feels…

I’m not sure if I was just craving comfort food, or itching to twirl something around my fork like I did when I used to eat ichiban noodles three times daily when I was in Elementary. Okay not really 3 times, but often enough. I DID eat some nutritious food.. broccoli and cheese sauce anyone?

Maca Power Smoothie

After combing through the aisles of Choices Market in Kelowna, I finally landed myself upon some Maca powder! Grocery shopping is by far one of my favourite activities, and I was so excited to discover new health food stores when I moved to BC. I wasn’t sure what to mix this up with but it