Change, Vegetable Curry, & Pesto Zoodles

Ah change, you love it, or you hate it.

Especially when that change includes your job, home, relationships, lifestyle, or diet. We cling to what we know, & we cling to our habits. Studies suggest it takes 21 days to develop or change a habit, but I’ve also heard it could take up to 66 days! Well.. if I needed a reason why to continue procrastinating my meditation practice, now I have one. 66 days, yeesh.

But you see, once you make that change, step out of your comfort zone, cross that fear boundary, and actually act differently, then the magic happens. Then you begin to see the endless limitations that you possess, gain more confidence, and take another step towards living a healthier and more abundant life. But the trick is, you actually have to take that first step.

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I recently completed my Holistic Nutrition program. And no, I do not have my results yet from my board exam, so please don’t ask! Anywho, I was offered a great opportunity to pair up with one of my past instructors who specializes in helping entrepreneurs start their businesses. I immediately kyboshed the idea. Nope, imma travel, imma buy things, and imma pay off debt!

Thankfully, she kept bugging me. After a quick coffee sesh and looking over the program itinerary, I was extremely excited to start this wonderful “The Holistic Blonde” journey that I set out for when I started the damn program.

It was time to hustle. I spent a year nearly working full time and going to school, so why can’t I do the same? Only now focusing on building something that is true to my heart, begin turning my vision into reality, & leading me to a life I desire.

Well..ultimately, I wanna sleep in, work from home, and one day travel the world with my macbook in tow. Hah, kidding, I sound like every cliche wannabe GirlBoss… (I meant every word).

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So I’ve officially (as an unofficially Registered Holistic Nutritionist) delved into the world of starting my own little company at my own little fingertips. I’m scared as hell. I have spent that last 4 years at my cushy little nursing gigs where I show up, do my job, and get a paycheck.

But I’m going to let this fear drive me instead of drown me. I’m going to let it drag me feet first into the shark tank until I learn how to swim my way out. I have to learn to be accountable to myself, & not to someone else. Work for internal factors, not external ones. Keep myself motivated, and keep my eye on the prize. At the end of the day, if I am able to generate even a small amount of income on the side, while helping others, I would say that’s successful! Every day after that you can only get better.

On to the food and speaking of change, here is a vegetable curry I whipped up! I have been accustomed to eating protein at every meal, thinking I need meat, chicken, fish etc. to ensure I intake adequate amino acids. But you know what? There’s protein in basically everything you eat. Okay that’s not true.. but take brussel sprouts for example, 100 g even contains a few grams of protein. Broccoli? Same thing. Not to mention, at other meals during the day I am eating larger sources of protein, such as meat, eggs, or whey powder. Basically, I’m not going to drop dead from amino acid deficiency if I eat a vegan meal, hell no I won’t.

Pictured below is my delicious coconut vegetable curry. I sauteed vegetables (brussel sprouts, broccoli slaw, onion) in coconut oil and garlic. Once softened I added 2 tsp red curry paste and about 1/3 can of coconut milk. I let it simmer, topped over some white rice, added fresh basil, and voila. Oh, then paired it nicely with the Arrowleaf Bacchus 2015. FYI, the Bacchus is almost sold out, so if you are in the Okanagan area, grab a bottle! It’s off dry floral flavours paired perfectly with this spicy dish.


If I had to choose one last meal before being sentenced to hospital food forever, it would have to be a pesto dish. Which I most likely have mentioned before. Sorry for the hospital food comment, I will get to that some other time..

I digress. I picked up a couple fresh zukes at the grocery store and spiralized them up with my dusty spiralizer (like 20 bucks at Bed, Bath, and Beyond). Then made a mental note that it’s such an easy apparatus to use and I should be using it with all the veggies because it’s so much fun!

Next I chopped up a shallot and sauteed it in olive oil with some garlic. Funny story about the shallot.. I didn’t even buy it! But the lady ahead of me at Superstore forgot to pack it in her bags and somehow I ended up with it, so there you go. You snooze you lose.

I digress. Then I chopped up some purple cabbage and slightly steamed it. I just realized I always buy purple cabbage, I don’t even give the green guys a chance! The purple is just so much more prettier to look at, and I assume it has more nutrients because of the color.. and cause, well, instagram photos.

I digress. Then I chopped up some extra firm tofu (I eat tofu once a day usually!) and added it to the shallot sizzling away.

Once the cabbage was soft and there was no more water in the pan, I added all of the things- the shallot and tofu, two chopped roma tomatoes, a big tablespoon of walnut pesto from Nature’s Fare (so good I could eat it with a spoon.. maybe I will during my next breakup?) and stirred everything altogether. Lastly I threw in the freshly spiralized zoodles and let them sit while I chopped up fresh basil and sundried tomatoes to add to the finished product. It was as delicious as it looked! Next time I am definitely adding some goat cheese. And maybe the Upper Bench Chardonnay, but #nightshift…


 Thank you for listening to my ramblings and over detailed dinners. Cheers to a wonderful week ahead, and some Halloween fun!


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