Christmas Baking

I can’t believe I’m already finished a module of my program! It honestly feels like I just started yesterday, but here I am, 1/4 finished the Holistic Nutrition program and I still have my head on straight.
Going back to school after taking a few years off was definitely a hard decision. Actually, the decision was easy, I’ve wanted to do the program for years, but it was hard to follow through. Too many times I’ve thought about switching to the distance program so I can work more hours, make more money, and complete the program at my own pace. But what’s the challenge in that? I am way to easy on myself, and definitely work a little harder when I have somebody to be accountable too. Unfortunately that somebody isn’t me, but maybe one day!

I just finished my final exam for Symptomatology 2, and also handed in my first case study last week! It was pretty neat looking over my “client’s” history and current symptoms she’s experiencing and to try and connect the dots. I still have a TON to learn, as no two clients will be the same, and the more exposure I have in school will definitely prepare me for when I’m graduated and have my own clientele. So bring on the case studies 🙂 13 more to be exact.

This week is all about those no-stress feels, baking some delicious healthy desserts, and enjoying some wine and girl time! My boyfriend went away to Edmonton (so jealous!) on the weekend so I had the house to myself on the weekend. Here’s a few desserts we whipped up, as well as a scallop and zoodle “pasta” that I unfortunately didn’t photograph!

We started with the Gingerbread Snaps from Primal Palate. They are soooo darn delicious! They tasted great straight out of the over, all warm and gooey, but they ended up having a very hard consistency once they were cooled. I’m thinking we made the dough balls too small? Will have to make these again and experiment. The flavour was spot on, and definitely brought back childhood memories of going over to play at my cousins house after school, and eating fresh baked ginger snaps 🙂 I only managed to get a picture of the batter!

Next we made Peanutbutter Blondie Christmas Trees from the blog Unfortunately the link isn’t working! But once it is I would definitely check out her blog for healthy glutenfree recipes. These were fairly simple, just chickpeas, peanut butter, oat flour and rolled oats, and maple syrup! I did find them a tad under sweetened, and I think I would add more sweetener. You can also decorate these guys up too, and add a chocolate or caramel drizzle to add sweetness as well!
Jen (a schoolmate) brought her own recipe for coconut pecan bars that she found on pinterest! She was doing her own thing when I was baking the gingersnaps but I saw that she used applesauce, a mashed banana, eggs, and coconut flour for the bottom portion, then topped it with crushed pecans.

Dinner was simply seared scallops (olive oil, crushed garlic, salt, and pepper) and zoodles thrown in right at the end. Be watchful when you throw in the zoodles, as a second too late and they will be too soft. I definitely want to start cooking more with zoodles. When cooked right, they are perfect for pasta dishes! I personally like them under cooked. I tried them once at a raw food cafe and the crunch was quite nice.

I still have two more recipes to make, which are peanut butter blossoms and peppermint brownies! Both are gluten free but unfortunately not paleo.

Here’s to a busy week ahead! More Christmas shopping to finish, presents to wrap, cookies to bake, and a few night shifts.

Hope ya’ll are having a happy holiday season!



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