Eat From Love <3

One week of 2017 in the books and my #yearofselflove has already been making an impact in my life!

If you’ve read my first post you’ll know that my January #yearofselflove monthly practice consists of eating nourishing foods. And that doesn’t mean everything I eat needs to contain X amount of antioxidants or X amounts of hashtag material superfoods (but they do help), but that I’m eating foods that feed my soul while making me feel energized,healthy, and alive.

I was walking around the bookstore yesterday (Mosaic Books in Kelowna specifically, could easily spend hours in there), and could not believe how everywhere I turned there was another book that had the word “Diet” or “Weight Loss” on the front cover. I mean I get it, it’s what sells yadda yadda. But how many books do you see, and I mean birds eye view here, that market towards self-love and self-respect? How many magazines? Don’t even get me started on the recent Bachelor episode and Kimmel’s accurate comment that to be worthy of love you need to be below 110 lbs and have medium to large sized breasts..

But you know what? Not many of us are 110 lbs, because not many of us are in grade 7. K inside joke with myself… My point is, there needs to be more attention towards loving yourself. Eating in a way that makes you feel good inside, instead of thinking you ate something “bad” or “cheated” resulting in guilt and shame. Your mind frame at meal times is actually SO important to your metabolism and how your body responds to the food you just ate. I just listened to a podcast by Connie Chapman who interviewed Cassandra Bodzac host of Eat With Intention TV, and it really lit my lightbulb (bad analogy) that I have not been eating with intention. I’ve been eating foods based on what will help me “lose weight” such as diet foods I used to consume during my bikini show phase. Hint, protein bars. If I’m going to have a protein bar, I really just want a gourmet dark chocolate sea salt bar okay?

So even though I definitely have a goal of how I want to look and feel, I am moving forward with less of a “diet” mentality, and making sure everything I eat comes from LOVE. <3 Or Natures Fare of course.. I could eat all the health foods in the world, but if you’re constantly thinking about losing weight, and holding on to anger and negativity, you really won’t lose anything. Eating from love is just as important as cooking from love. Does anyone else turn on Ed Sheeran (so excited for his new album) and dance around in your kitty kat socks while singing into the spatula? You can’t possibly be in a bad mood and when you’re in you’re happy place eating, with all those little cells working for you, instead of using all their energy into quieting that negative voice saying you “failed” or “cheated” again. Seriously, sing and dance while you cook. I’ve slowly been perfecting my pirouettes. The voice? Not so much.

Below is one of my favourite, simple meals that I have finally began to enjoy again. All it is is ground beef, sauteed onions, cabbage, and spinach in coconut oil, seasoned with curry paste, garlic, and turmeric, fresh alfalfa sprouts, and topped with fresh carrot and ginger sauerkraut! When I was suckered into the low fat=low calories=weight loss shenanigans I would never dream of making this. Ps I realize this might sound gross to the average reader but I am a big fan of all the fats and veggies and spices and meat…and don’t forget about fermented foods <3 My point is, eating from a place of love will take you a lot farther than being consumed by food and thinking about having the perfect body.

Week 1 may be done but I already feel so much more freedom around the food I eat, and am so excited again to be meal planning and cooking from a place of love versus eating to “lose weight.”

Now here’s a picture of a yummy smoothie bowl I made that Marlow clearly wanted… Kidding he always runs to me when mama calls him 🙂

This bad boy is loaded with spinach, avocado (game changer), frozen berries, vanilla protein powder, kale powder, tripow greens, maca powder, gelatin, chia seeds, cinnamon, some coconut stevia, cashew milk & ice! Topped with ground flax and hemp. Could literally eat this everyday. And I do. Thanks to my magic bullet I keep at work 🙂

I also have been enjoying a juice every day from Glow Juicery!

Not only do I LOVE seeing the amazing staff there but it is just such a beautiful, bright facility that beams positive vibes and the message “food is medicine”. I also topped these beauties up with turmeric ginger shots and had some delicious carrot cake soaked oats. Can’t think of a better way to feed my soul.

Actually I can. Bone broth. I honestly have to stop preaching this stuff, but it’s just so damn good! My go to lately has been the organic broths in the freezer at the back of the produce aisle at Choices. Obviously it is ideal to make your own, but I love supporting local! Plus, my apartment smells way better scented with Frankincense instead of bone broth. Just sometimes. I warm mine up and add turmeric, salt, pepper, and some tamari sauce! If I’m having it as more of a meal I will add some frozen vegetables. Another tip is to add the juices from your sauerkraut (what else do you do with them?) to the broth once it is heated.

Speaking of kraut, I can’t stress the importance of fermented foods! It is SO important to eat these foods daily, as they help restore your gut flora, especially if you have been eating too many Christmas Cookies… There are SO many studies showing that eating fermented foods are beneficial to the gut! They add good bacteria (which help destroy the bad guys), and eating ferments before meals helps you actually digest the food you’re eating by increasing stomach acid so you can properly absorb all those lovely nutrients that you’re eating the food for in the first place.

Even though it’s winter (may not be a chilly Alberta winter but it is still winter), I am missing my salad game. I was going to stay clear of raw foods this month but I just can’t. I can’t guys. I need my raw spinach and my peppers and onions and apples and lemon tahini dressing and chopped nuts. I need it all.

Every night I finish it with some apple cinnamon tea and a couple squares of dark chocolate. It may only be a week but I have been sleeping so amazing just with cutting out the crap alone. Here’s to a new week! So excited to get cooking again! I’m thinking spaghetti squash, zoodles, a warm apple crumble…

Eat from Love guys <3


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