Fall Cleanse

This week, and September in general, is all about removing toxins. Raise your hand if your summer was filled with sweets and treats, palm bays and beers, too much take out food, and late night eats? (Insert girl emoji with hand raised). Now I can’t say that I have been consistent this month, as Summer is still in full swing in Kelowna (welcome to paradise) and I am off for a 6 day adventure to Vancouver and Seattle… but here are some tips for getting started. After a busy trip to Edmonton, including back to back weddings and many late night wine chats with the girlies, these are some strategies I implemented when I got home to help restore my vitality.

SUPERGREENS: I cant stress these enough, I make a point to have them once a day. Spirulina and Chlorella, which comes together in a product called TriPow Greens (originally from Edmonton!) Spirulina is rich in protein and bio available minerals and vitamins, extremely rich in iron (2300% more than spinach), and many studies show anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti-oxidant properties. Chlorella helps detox metals and other substances from the body, as well as helps reduce aging. This is a daily must have. I have been adding 1/2 T to a green smoothie (spinach, celery, fresh lemon, berries). It suggests you start with 1/4 tsp a day and increase as necessary as you begin to tolerate it.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: I know, I know. This stuff is gross. But it works. Helps immensely with digestion, especially taken right before meals. And if you have some in the AM, it’ll help boost your metabolism for the day, aids in blood sugar regulation, and helps support weight loss. Give it a try. 1-2 T per day mixed in water, or if you’re a wild child like me, grab one of your “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” shot glasses and just go for it.

BONE BROTH: So not going to lie, I didn’t start making bone broth for its extreme health benefits. Rather I was a poor student, readying up for my holistic nutrition board exam, and had not much going on in the fridge except a bag o’bones from T-Bone’s in my freezer. Throw a few pounds of bones in the pot, added apple cider vinegar, (again with the ACV? But wait, it helps leech all those important minerals from the bones and is necessary when making broth from scratch) and let them boil for a good 8-12 hours. Started off high and reduced to low. There are a TON of recipes online, search Paleo Bone Broth and you’ll be set. Bone broth is extremely healing as it helps seal the gut. So for all ya’ll who may suffer from leaky gut (more common than you think), a cup a day (whilst eliminating food allergens such as wheat and dairy) will help patch that intestinal wall right up. Oh, and your skin will look fab, all the models are doing it.

SALAD: Pretty self explanatory… more salad = more vegetables = more phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals = improved vitality. Eat vegetables in season, and get creative. Add beets with roasted pumpkin seeds, or chop some course cabbage in with your spinach and toss up a tahini/lemon/ACV/olive oil dressing.

ELIMINATE SUGAR/ALCOHOL: Look whose talking, I know right? I too have my glasses narrowed at a bottle of wine every evening after a long day of work. But take some serious time to give your liver a break (this goes with eating less sugar and processed foods which are toxins and disrupt liver function).

TURMERIC: Everyone has sure enough heard this is the miracle spice? Make sure you add in black pepper with consumption as this enhances absorption. A Powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. I add this into my superfood smoothie, or I eat it raw.

EXERCISE: Run, walk, go to yoga, lift some damn weights, and get your sweat on. Make sure you replenish with lots of water and electrolytes (adding pink sea salt to water helps!). For those of you not keen on exercising, most gyms have there group fitness programs starting up for the fall, so print a schedule, stamp it on your fridge, and commit to some serious step classes.

SLEEP: At least 7-8 hours, do not negotiate this – says the girl who works night shifts and sleeps anywhere from 3-6 hours per night… working on this guys.

So that’s my general, get back on track list. Once back from Seattle, which may include bottles of champagne and hot dogs from Safeco Field, I will most def be starting a liver cleanse, as this guy has been working overtime for me all summer and needs a bit more love.

Cheers 🙂

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