February=All the Love

My February month of self-love plans may have changed a wee bit. It was supposed to be Fit February, and it still kind of is? I just, can’t actually exercise very much because I pulled my back! It’s very frustrating. Even more frustrating when you think you’re healed, then go hammer out some heavy squats and leg presses, then fall out of your bed the next morning with more severe pain than before. Cool Kell.

Lesson learned. On another note, I have very much been enjoying my Podcast Walks during my breaks at work! As much as I love the intensity of weights and HIIT, I have to remember that exercise is not just about sweating your little heart out, it’s just about moving your body. Those same endorphins are still gonna fire off and you are still going to reap the benefits from a half hour walk around the block as you would hitting the gym. There are literally studies published about the importance of exercise not only for your physical health, but your mental health. They say 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week can enhance your mood as much as certain pharmaceuticals. It’s quite fascinating!

Just a few of my favourite podcasts:

Lori Harder’s Earn Your Happy

Leanne Vogel’s The Keto Diet Podcast

Lewis Howes The School of Greatness

The Balanced Blonde Soul on Fire

Jenna Kutcher The Goal Digger Podcast

They are very inspiring, and motivate me to basically be a better human. Stop complaining. Start eating better. Be more productive. Create healthy relationships. Meditate more. Live more. Love more.

So since February is the month of looove… my self-love practice is… um self-love? I mean, can I do that? Actually yeah, I can do whatever the kitty cat I want. Bubble baths, podcasts walk- currently obsessed (I literally walk around the hospital in a circle with a big smile on my face. And if I’m feeling spicy I might even get a decaf coffee!) Floral herbal teas, wine and cribbage nights, soaking up the beautiful sunshine that Kelowna keeps throwing out this time of year, reading a good book, pampering myself, and spending as much time as I’d like sitting on my couch with Marlow watching Office Reruns.

Yeah, that sounds nice, I like that.

I have been working upwards of 80 hours a week, flip flopping between days and nights galore, and causing a ruckess in my head about all the things I need to do in preparation for my trip to Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. But whyyyyy. Why Kell. At the end of the day, I’m GOING to get there. I WILL be on time for my plane, I WILL get through security, and I WILL land in Panama ready to soak up every ounce of sunshine and living that I can. So why stress myself out worrying about stupid travel insurance (I’ll call tomorrow I swear) and whether or not I have enough sunglasses or sunscreen when I can just spend more time on the self-lovin train and trust it’ll all work out?

Also since taking some time off the gime this week, (hard G there, inside joke), I was able to COOK more delicious foods! Below is one of my favourite, simple dishes! Photo? Naatt so much. Mashed cauliflour, sauteed cherry tomatoes and peppers, and goat cheese and spinach stuffed chicken! With, I’m gonna say some Gamay Noir…? From Volcanic Hills that I purchased on my lovely visit to the Westside Vineyards earlier in the week. Gosh I love living in the Okanagan..

Next, my roommates spaghetti squash was staring at me on the counter, and I was dying for Paleo OMG’s 5 ingredient spaghetti squash pie, but with a twist! Using the recipe provided, I subbed out the pizza flavors for ground turkey, mushrooms, onions, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, and pesto. Def going on the weekly rotation, and perfect to prep some extra meals for the week!

As I promised to myself, I am continuing my January Self-Love practice of eating nutrient dense, wholesome foods. Which means my usual superfoods smoothies, bulletproof matcha’s, and lately, diving into some coconut butter! Funny story, I had thought  I bought coconut butter, then opened it for a snackie, and it was most definitely coconut oil! I was pretty upset, as I already have my big coconut oil tub from Costco, and I didn’t need anymore, especially with a price tag of 15.99 for 1/8 of the size… But of course I figured I would make some fat bombs or maybe lather myself in it one night just for the heck of it. However, I opened it two nights ago and it magically turned into coconut butter! Like I don’t understand. It’s delicious, naturally sweet, and not even close to the consistency of coconut oil that it was when I opened it. So I don’t know Universe, you are mysterious and I love you.

The “pamper” yourself of self-lovin wasn’t hard at all this month. I think I’ve already had 2 massages (I’m gonna thank my broken back for this one), had my hair done, and my eye brows microbladed! I would show a photo but it’s currently in the processing phase and is a little, uh, dark for me. There will be manicures and pedicures this month before the trip, a few lovely brunches and dinners planned with my loves, and many relaxing nights on the couch catching up on This Is Us.

Stress is easily the worst thing that contributes to bad health. Like I could sit here and preach about making sure you drink your lemon water, sprinkle chlorella over your foods, and bow down to bone brother everyday for its magician like qualities, but really, it comes down to your stress. How you think, how you perceive, how you react. Over-working yourself, thinking negative worrisome thoughts, not getting enough sleep… these all contribute to increased stress, which will definitely effect your well-being. And definitely has for me.

I say definitely a lot hey?

So make sure aside from loving your other half this month, love yourself first. Do things that make you truly happy. Even if that means dancing with your friends until 2 am, sleeping in past your alarm, and going off the schedule a little.

Also make sure you eat lots of chocolate. Word is it goes on sale on the 15th!

Love from Marlow and Me <3


Choose Happy, Choose Love

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  1. Robyn Galloway February 14, 2017 at 4:49 am

    Kelly, I always learn something new when after reading your blogs and it’s a nice way to feel connected to you. I’m wishing you a fabulous holiday full of good health, fun, and adventures.
    Love, Auntie Robyn


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