Go Green

I remember consciously making and effort to add something green into every meal I eat. I mentioned in a previous post, but I grew up eating fast food, or frozen dinners. Regardless, everything I ate was yellow, brown, and somewhere in between. The only thing purple or green was the icing on my cupcakes. It is absolutely incredible the nutrients that are available in vegetables! From beets to spinach, there are so many nutrient veggies to include in your diet to ensure vital health. Unless I’m eating a greek yogurt chocolatey dessert type concoction, (I’ll have plenty of recipes soon!) I usually make sure my plate is full of color. After all food is art, I think it’s important to enjoy designing your plate as much as you enjoy devouring it! This salad for instance, mouth watering as I was chopping up all the veggies.

Everytime I’m at the grocery store, where is very frequently, I can’t help but comb through the produce aisle looking for the brightest and prettiest vegetables. Swiss chard, just beautiful! And of course, healthy vegetables aren’t only those ones that are green. Orange peppers are loaded with vitamin C, and of course beets! Probably the pretties of them all, whether you find gold or regular purple beets, these starchy root veggies contain loads of folate, and a is a great source of potassium. And not to mention, beets taste phenom. My absolute favourite meal, and I think I can confidently say this, is a beet a goat cheese salad. A little arugala, some cherry tomatoes, cajun chicken, goat cheese, and the star of the show: beets. A little balsamic and olive oil is all you need to dress up this salad.

Another fav way to get my veggie fix in is of course, smoothies! Now usually I prefer throwing my spinach in with a berry based smoothie, as it’s a little more appealing to the eye to have more of a purple/green drink. However, lately I’ve been juuust loving chocolate pb smoothies! So in goes the spinach and I will just have to deal with eating green ice cream.(I like to make my smoothies a little thicker consistency and put it in a bowl!) Here’s a recipe I conjured up this week. I bought xanath gum for the first time and am very pleased with its thickening properties! I used a full tsp but I think 1/2 would work just as well.

Green Machine Smoothie

1 scoop chocolate protein

2 Tbsp PB2

2 handfuls spinach

1 tsp maca

1 tsp xanath gum

1 cup almond milk

handful of ice

I chucked this all in the blender and voila! A pretty low carb smoothie, but feel free to add in a banana for a little more sweetness and carbohydrates!

I topped it with fresh cacao nibs, cinnamon, and unsweetened cocoa 🙂

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