Green Juice & Broth Cleanse

So guys, I did a juice cleanse. Actually I did a juice and bone broth cleanse. BIG difference.

First off, my diet has always been geared towards higher fat, lower carbohydrate. It just has, it’s how I roll. Do I love carbs? Obviously. But I would rather fuel myself with rich, nutrient dense healthy fats than carbohydrates. My body runs better on fats, it’s the fuel I prefer. Also, bacon.

But I wanted to be able to try a juice cleanse, without all of the sugar, but with a high enough caloric intake that I wouldn’t feel like Ms. Irritability who won’t stop complaining until I get some food. I personally am a fan of the green juices. Of course they taste so much better with fruit, but I have really become accustomed to drinking green veggies with lemon. It just tastes so nourishing and fresh! I love it.

But drinking 4-6 green juices a day just didn’t feel enough for me and I wanted to get even more nourishment while still giving my digestion a break.

Enter: bone broth.


I can list alllll the great things bone broth does for you, but I kind of did that last week. Read about it here! 

I figure with a few green juices a day, along with a cup of liquid gold, I would have enough energy to get through my day. And turns out, I was right! Imagine that.

Below are a few green juices from my favorite juice bar Glow Juicery, which originated in Edmonton (my hometown). Mad love for Kathleen and her team. The Pure Green Juice has just been added to the roster, and it’s my favourite! Just greens (spinach, romaine,black kale), cucumber, celery, lemon, and ginger. Just how I like em’. I also got a booster shot of turmeric and ginger in one, and chlorophyll and aloe in the other. Because green juices aren’t nutritious enough, you definitely need that booster 😉


This juice is Glow’s Seasonal juice and it was amaaazing. Yam, carrots, ginger, and cucumber. I went back the next day for more and it was sold out 🙁 It was so good even Marlow wanted in on this fall inspired blend. Well, actually, he was just having one of his kitty fits and wanted some attention. And he won. Thanks for the photo op though Mars. <3


Lastly, another Seasonal Juice, the Dirty Spicy Lemonade! Made with filtered water, lemon, cayenne, betonite clay, and activated charcoal! I was pleasantly surprised by the sweet lemonade taste, and will definitely be going back to Glow for a few of these. And don’t worry, you’ll get over the fact you are drinking a black charcoal drink once you take your first sip.


The hardest part over the three days was definitely kicking some of my habits. I didn’t realize I had to have something sweet before bed. Whether it be some berries, yogurt, protein powder etc. But I did. It has been kind of eye opening to go to bed without my sweet treat. And you know what? I felt fantastic every morning. Your body wants to rest during sleep, not digest your weight in greek yogurt, honey and cinnamon. Okay maybe sometimes it does.

Also, yes I’m a foodie and yadda yadda, but it was so lovely just coasting through the day without having to think about food, or my next meal, or what I’m going to cook that night. I’ve been so busy with moving that it’s been refreshing to just grab a juice or heat up some broth and be on my way.

I also noticed my blood sugar levels were balanced. I felt more grounded. I felt in-sync with my body. I felt hydrated. I felt refreshed. I didn’t have cravings, and the weirdest part, by day 3, I wasn’t even that hungry. I mean day 1 was a little bit embarrassing, having to explain the roaring lion in my stomach to my patients at 8 o’clock at night, but it eventually passed. My hormones began to regulate. By consuming juice and broth, I eliminated the sugar spike I was accustomed to regularly, thus stabilizing my blood sugar levels and keeping my hormones in check. My insulin levels were happy, my leptin levels rockin’, I was rid of cravings, and I felt more happy. It’s true, food has an impact on your mood. By keeping my blood sugar levels in check, I wasn’t feeling the negative consequences of blood sugar imbalances causing me to feel cravings and irritability.

It also was very interesting to be on a liquid diet for 3 consecutive days. And I’m not talking about a champagne diet, although that would have been nice, and my birthday IS coming up 🙂 But just the act of not chewing, I could feel it doing wonders for my digestive organs. Giving them the vacation they deserve after my countless meals and raw vegetables that I love to consume. By drinking juices, you absorb way more of the nutrients, and also can consume a higher quantity of vegetables than you would normally get in a day. Of course the fibers missing, but this isn’t long term (unless you’re the guy on Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead), so it’s okay to go a few days without the “25g per day” fiber we think we need daily to get those BM’s comin.

Day 4 came along and my bestie invited me for Pho. I can’t NOT go for pho. Even though I just get broth, some weird beef balls, and veggies, it’s still pho k. They always put so many damn noodles in I can’t handle myself and I’m only finally getting comfortable with the chopsticks. I then had a few juices, and brought some broth to work with added cooked veggies (brussels, green beans, broccoli.) And I still feel great!

Day 5 was supposed to be another juice and broth day, but then my other bestie (I have several) invited me to Quailsgate for her mother’s 50th birthday. I went, I drank wine, I ate cake, and I loved it. This week was the perfect little example of that whole balance thing we all strive for. Have your greens and eat your cake too.





I will definitely be doing another cleanse in the future. Unfortunately December is around the corner along with Christmas baking, Eggnog, stockings full of chocolate (dark sea salt k mama bear?), and other decadent treats shaped as snowmen and jingle bells, and he only thing I’ll be cleansing is the bottom of the cookie dough bowl. So I look forward to another cleanse in January!

Here’s to a happy and healthy week <3


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