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Ahh simplicity. One of my 2017 intentions, to live simple. Since I’m living the cleansing life, I find myself spending more time at home cooking and cleaning. Probably subconsciously preparing myself for housewife material since I’m 28 and married to my cat.


But seriously, it feels SO good to clean. Declutter. Remove. Throw away. See ya later. It’s like I developed a whole new “I don’t care about you” perspective and I’m throwing away items I’ve been lugging around with me the past few years. It feels so liberating! Shirts I wore to my 25th birthday that are definitely meant for a 25 year old, not 28 year old me. Kidding I know there’s not a big difference in age there but a sheer Guess top like that would only be okay for a younger me, or Britney Spears. I mean I love the pop princess, but her wardrobe.. ayaya.

I digress. Even though this months #yearofselflove practice is eating nourishing foods, I am also finding all sorts of motivation to clean up other areas in my life. Namely, my wardrobe. I literally threw away half of my undergarments (not appropriate for resale clearly), and am now working through my crowded closet and basket of exercise clothes when I really only wear like 4 lulu tops to the gym. I know there’s someone else that could use these items, and appreciate them more than myself. I have also thrown out shoes, got rid of dated cards (sorry mama), and threw out makeup that I would NEVER wear, once again, unless I was Britney Spears.

So not only have I detoxed my body (see ya later sugar, alcohol, dairy, and grains) but I have downsized my personal belongings as well, which makes me feel pretty good! All these items made me realize that they didn’t really bring me happiness, just added extra clutter and stress in my life. Like how can I hang up clothes I enjoy when my shrunken Artizia shirt is hogging the hanger?

Here we are, day 13 (p.s. it’s Friday the 13th!) into my cleanse and here are some of the benefits I’ve noticed:

  1. Improved sleep. This one is big! I remember when I have done previous 21 day sugar detoxes I literally slept like a log. I would fall asleep in seconds and fall into a deep sleep that lasted until my alarm clock went off. Even with my night shifts I am finding it easier to fall asleep, and stay asleep. I also feel much more rested the next day!
  2. More energy. I’ve been working a few 12 hour days in a row (anything more than 2 is stellar) and not only have I made it through the days, but I find myself taking walks on my breaks (FitBit motivation), and even going to the gym after! Before I would sometimes nap on my breaks and the gym was a no-go.
  3. Balanced hormones. I honestly used to eat all day. Like constantly snacking, eating while I cooked dinner, and always a bedtime snack. A 12 hour day shift usually included a ton of food in case I didn’t have enough. I also have kicked my peanut butter addiction in the butt. Now I literally eat when I’m hungry. Sometimes it’s 5-6 hours between meals and it doesn’t phase me like it used to. If I’m hungry I eat, if I’m not, I don’t. Simple as that.
  4.  Reduced cravings. It’s crazy! I literally needed sugar, which sounds about right because I was a sugar burning girl turning every corner looking for my next sugar fix. I never realized how good it feels to be  fat burner. Blood sugar levels stabilized, feeling satiated much longer, and I can eat as many macadamia nuts as I want.

I made this delicious, easy, and simple dinner the other night. I’ll take you on a play by play because I’m sure that’s just what you want to read on a Friday morning.

Root vegetables are probably my favourite foods in the world. I grew up eating instant potatoes for dinner so I am proud I have matured my taste buds to the potatoes’ prettier and tastier cousins. Not to mention actual food, since I don’t really know what instant potatoes are made of. Anywho, I simply peeled and cut 3 large carrots and 3 beets. Beware, your hands will look like you’ve murdered someone, and scrubbing your hands vigorously doesn’t help. Wear gloves. I brushed the veg with avocado oil (has a high smoke point of 500 degrees! Best cooking oil to use, or coconut oil if you’re going for that flavor). I roasted them at 425 degrees for about 40 minutes.

Meanwhile, I snipped the tails off of the asparagus and lightly steamed them in a pan until they turned a beautiful green as shown above. K I may have used the saturation filter a smidge, but you get it. I then strained the water, and sauteed them in avocado oil, salt, pepper, and garlic.

I have not bought chicken thighs in FOREVER. Omg the flavor, the texture, just everything. See ya later chicken breast. Kidding I need you for my salads. But guys, the thighs. I grilled them in -you guessed it- avocado oil, and seasoned the chicken with a pesto rub, garlic, and S & P. I ate one straight out of the pan it was so good, and only suffered minor top of the mouth burns.

Voila. Dinner is served. Topped them beets with balsamic vinegar and goat cheese.

See guys, it’s so easy just to cook real food. This took me all of 15 minutes to prepare, including the vigorous hand washing. Make sure you throw the veggies in earlier as they take some time to roast!

Another life hack I learned this week: storing fresh turmeric. I was always discouraged from eating it fresh because you have to peel it, and usually you’re not going to eat the whole thing. You only need a piece the size of your thumb nail. I diced up a bunch, topped with black pepper (for increased absorption FYI), threw it in my fridge, and called it a day. Now I can grab a piece every morning during my lemon water and apple cider vinegar routine! Am I the only one excited about this?

Oh, another FYI, your hands will turn yellow. Like The Simpsons yellow, and there’s actually nothing you can do about it. I lied about the beets, the red comes out. Turmeric yellow? Nope. It’s okay though cause now this powerful herb will fight inflammation on the inside and the outside 🙂

I seriously can’t believe how amazing I feel since cutting out certain foods, and every day I continue to eat from love. And yes, I’m probably the only one that loves raw turmeric but that’s cool. I’ve been exercising daily, and if I can’t hit the gym I make sure I walk 10,000 steps thanks to my somewhat impulsive FitBit purchase (no regrets). I’ve also been sleeping at least 7 hours (thanks again FitBit) and have been making it a priority to meditate daily.

Anyways, clearly I love talking about how great I feel. But my message this week guys is just to keep it simple. Simplify your closet, and your plate. Hell, even go through your emails this week and delete a bunch! (I actually did that and organized all of the important ones into different folders, go me!) When planning dinner, less is more. Meat, veg, fats, herbs. And remember, choosing colorful foods helps increase the nutrient content and your insta photo game 🙂

Don’t forget to check out my “You’re Sweet Enough” sugar cleanse if you’re fighting cravings and can’t lose stubborn weight, OR contact me here if you would like to work together and achieve your health goals!



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