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This past weekend I had the privilege of taking my best friend Ashley out to celebrate her birthday! Her birthday may have been in July, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it a little later! We’ve both been incredibly busy; me with work, and Ashley is slowly starting her own business as well as working full time.

Kelowna offers MANY amazing restaurants. I am so fortunate to live in a city with so many renowned chefs, stylish eateries, and literally ‘blow your mind’ dishes. When I say I was almost brought to tears with one dish specifically, I’m not kidding.

After yet another 60 hour work week, I was more than excited to perch myself at a cozy table opposite my best friend and catch up with her over cocktails. And these aren’t just any cocktails. Move over boring Manhattan’s. I had what was called the Hazelnut Zesty. I was a little apprehensive at first, I’ve heard of peanuts and limes, but hazelnuts? I just couldn’t see past a warmed cup of coffee with a hazelnut liquer in it, but I thought I’d give it a go! Somehow i managed to make it last most of the meal, but really I wanted to suck the whole thing back in 30 seconds. It was nutty, zesty, and just worked so well. I don’t know how else to explain it! I will attempt to recreate it one of these days that’s for sure. Or, if I have to go back to Krafty Kitchen to order another one, then that isn’t so bad either.

Krafty Kitchen is perfect for sharing. They offer small plates, medium plates, side plates, large plates, and probably the best desserts ever, but we’ll get there. We ordered from a ‘sides’ list which included a wide array of different types of poutines, all of them representing a different culture. From the orginal Quebecois, to a spanish, and even a chinese variety, there’s definitely a flavour for everyone. We of course ordered the Quebecois, which I didn’t photograph, cause #hangry. Local potatoes, gravy, cheese curds, and pickled onion. So. Good. We were pretty much full after sharing the plate but there was no way we drove all the way to Krafty for one dish.

Moving on to medium plates, and wanting all of them to be honest, we settled on the Pork Belly. To say that I didn’t well up with tears while typing that would be a lie. I don’t eat bacon often. Nothing against it, I actually used to eat it everyday! But the first bite, that delicious, salty, melt in your mouth first taste,  had made me forget every reason why I would ever choose NOT to eat bacon in the first place. It was literally the most heavenly bite I think I’ve ever had. Screw wine, peanut butter, lobster, whatever it is, this can’t be beat. Topped with heirloom tomatoes (they have over 90 varieties delivered to them locally! We even met the tomato guy after our meal when the owner bought us each a drink at the bar over dessert). There was also fresh BC corn kernels and the whole dish lay atop of pureed eggplant. Lastly, the entire dish was cooked using duck fat! Apparently The chef (Chris) only cooks with duck fat and has absolutely no artificial sugar in the building! He also called me and him palette soulmates after I mentinoed how much I loved the Hazelnut Zesty (Ashley was not a fan). Chris, who was previously on Top Chef Canada, delivered the pork belly himself, and at the end of the presentation mentioned that he knew I liked “nutrition”… oh Instagram, what would we do without it?

We were only able to eat half of the pork belly. And by able, I mean it took every ounce of my well-being not to finish it in 3 seconds flat, because A) I’m a lady, and B) I need to save room for dessert, duh.

Dessert consisted of a “Cashew Custard” that was really grown up reeses peanut butter cup insides with a chocolate ganache topped with sea salt. Throw in an ounce of some fine whiskey, (not sure what kind, I’m a wine gal remember, but wouldn’t pass up this deadly combination) and you have yourself one of the best damn dessert’s this side of Lake Okanagan.

I will definitely become a frequent flyer at Kraft Kitchen. As for the rest of that pork belly, you can bet one tastey omelette in the morning! Krafty Kitchen apparently puts on a hip-hop brunch every sunday, with items including “The Compton Burger” and “The Chonic Benedict” which you can enjoy while listening to 90’s rap. Sounds perfect, and I plan on taking my brother and sister-in-law there next week when they visit!

Until next time 🙂

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