Lazy Sundazy

I don’t really think of today as a lazy day, but right now I’m literally sprawled out on my couch, wearing my new nuk nuk slippers from Costco, sippin on cucumber water, while the bf is cooking up some chicken. Basically the most relaxed I’ve ever felt. We were up at 7 am cause sleeping in doesn’t happen very often… And personally, I’m okay with that! As far as I’m concerned, tomorrow calls for a 5 am wake up call and I don’t wanna be up til midnight tossing and turning. But on another note I am fighting the urge to nap right now and that’s not really an option, oh well. You win some you lose some!

We hit up Dedutch for breakfast. I had the Mediterranean omelette as usual and Craig had a big plate of meat, as usual. Then we stocked up on our week supply at Costco! The basics:

Chicken, spinach, egg whites, eggs,greek yogurt, frozen berries, and veggies. Same thing every week! But it keeps us fed during the week and to be honest we don’t really have to think too much.
I did a mini workout at home because driving to the gym seemed like way too much work, and running in +34 degrees is out of the question. I did a full body circuit, and finished with 20 min low impact cardio. My circuit consisted of 12 side lunges each leg with a 20 lb weight, followed by 20 lateral raises with 10 lb dumballs, then 20 sumosquats with a should raise at the end using a 25 lb dumbell, and last some glute raises! I never do these at the gym because they look kind of funny…  But I lay on my stomach on a bench, with my hips hanging off, and pulse my legs up to really target the glutes! I did 3 rounds of the circuit and then snuck in some walking lunges and crunches 🙂 “The Ugly Truth” was playing (with Catherine Heigyl) and I was quite enjoying the rom com, as my bf has been playing “That 70s Show” constantly!

After lunch I made a small little salad-spinach, nectarine, cherry tomatoes, feta, and balsamic vinegar! We didn’t have any protein prepped so I made sure to have extra at dinner. Would love to make a peach and proscuitto salad which is next on my list!

And now we just finished dinner. By far the most delicious chicken Craigs made and of course he doesn’t have a recipe. The marinade included: roasted garlic, oregano, cumin, cilantro, cinnamon, hot chilies, and olive oil and avocado! We had a ton of cabbage as well so we made our sesame cabbage salad, grilled up zucchini, and shared the last corn on the cob in the fridge! I haven’t had corn for YEARS, I know it’s a very nutrient poor vegetable, or grain I guess… But it was tasty!

I have a loooong work week ahead of me before one of my best friends comes out next week! Excited for a week of clean eating, no vino🙈, and catching up on some sleep. Happy Sunday!

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