May is for the Booch

Ah May, you started off a little cray. I felt like Serena Van Der Woodsen running around town and hitting up dinner parties and social events, as well as driving to Edmonton spontaneously just to witness the Oilers Playoff atmosphere. Which was well worth it I may add. I’m calling it the year as yes, but as I quickly realized, that doesn’t mean attending all of the activities and drinking all the wine.

Sometimes you just need to slow down, get some rest, and feed your soul. Should you also binge watch 13 Reason’s Why and go to sleep feeling slightly anxious, finding yourself only getting 4 hours of sleep pre 12 hour shift when you promised yourself you were gonna make sleep a priority this month? Probably not. But that happened. And I’m sure not only to me. I actually watched the last scene of the series at 7 am one morning because I was too scared to watch it the night prior. So if you were looking to start your day off in the most negative way possible… take note.

So in honour of my #yearofselflove… May was going to be my ‘focus on sleep’ month. But thanks to Netflix and PVR that did not happen. I did however enjoy some lovely nights cooking to good tunes and resting heavy on my couch next to Marlow’s tractor purrs, while drinking herbal tea and not wine for once.

And no I’m not taking the whole month off wine.. clearly you would know this if you’ve been up to date on my Instagram stories. Specifically the Divorce Party at Earl’s, where we lurked on the Anaheim Ducks during happy hour. It’s a crime not to consume wine at that point. 5 bucks per glass AND free bird watching.

But for the next week or so, key words “or so”, I am taking a little break from my beloved chardonnay, and subsequently socializing at all costs. Thankfully, I work with all my best friends, and snap chat the ones I don’t on the regular. It’s like I’m still being the socialite I was earlier this month, sans Prosecco.

But I need to focus on something, or you guys will all think I’m a fraud and gave up on my little self-love project. So thanks to my amazing, lovely, beautiful talented roommate Shanna, May is a month to ‘get crafty’. And I’m not talking go to Krafty Kitchen (although I did enjoy a lovely 7 course vegan dinner put on by Chef Chris Shaften as well as Summerhill featuring 7 sparkling wines aka bubbly heaven), but actually like, making things.

No, not bracelets, I don’t have the patients for tiny strings and such. And not soaps or lip chaps like my crafty roommate, I figure that’s her domain and I wouldn’t want to steal her thunder with my obvious incredible skills at sculpting. Plus wax scares me.

 So what is this crafty project we got ourselves into? Kombucha! Like how cool is that? I have to give like, all the credit to Shanna, for not only meeting some guy in a shady parking lot when obtaining the scoby’s for our experiment, but also for beginning the project while I watched from the sidelines because I was too scared to look at the scoby in the eyes. Frankly, I don’t know what a scoby is but anything that’s “alive” and looks like that freaks me out. But Shanna is part Chemist and took initiative, bless her heart. She fired up the stove and boiled the tea and sugar. She cleaned out the ol’ sangria jar (there WILL be sangria in there this summer Shan…) and put the scoby in it’s new home along with the room temperate brew, and then she wrote down the rest of the instructions very carefully and put faith in me to complete the task.

I only had one minor panic attack mid sleep where I was sure our second ferment placed in bottles was going to explode on the counter and I would wake up to a war zone. My fit bit told me I slept 4 hours and 10 minutes that night, when I gave myself a cool 6.5 hours before my T-Swift alarm would go off. I should also note I definitely watched an epi of 13 Reasons that night as well. So insightful Kel. Just stressing under my eyelids unconscious the whole night. It’s fun, try it.

The next morning I placed them in the fridge (while treating them like a hot potato while I was making the transfer) and gave a big sigh of relief knowing they were safely in the fridge, halting the carbonation process, and respectively any pressure in the bottle that could have resulted in a big boom boom, killing me and Marlow in a hot second. A couple days later I tried the potion, and although not as fizzy as I would have liked, the taste was on point. We added (by we I mean Kombucha Master Shanna) fresh ginger, turmeric, and lemon to the bottles, giving it little refreshing kick.

Like acquiring any new skill, these things take practice. We have our second batch undergoing the first ferment process as we speak, and once I get my act in gear (and probably oil change as I’m 1300 km past the recommended time change), I will pick up some special kombucha bottles so I’m less scared of shards of glass piercing me as I make my morning coffee. I hope to bottle the new batch today, this time adding berries and mint.

What else am I making you ask? Other than a couple fried eggs, fresh avocado, and spiralized carrot hash (SO GOOD), but Shanna and I also started a little herb garden and planted some peppers! Super excited about this. I feel like a mom. Like these plants and booch’ are my children and if I don’t race home after work to check on them or nurture them when I’m home I might fail. It’s alright though, their older brother Marlow holds down the fork while I’m making bank….

Not much to show of our lovely plants, but they are slowly growing! I am especially excited about having fresh basil and mint at my fingertips, two of my favorite herbs. All the basil = all the pesto.

And just because this is a nutrition blog, I figured I’d post some pictures of an amazing dinner I went to at Bacaro here in Kelowna with Master Chef Derrick Fox. Every dish was unbelievable, paired with my favourite wine (Mt. Boucherie) and even better company. I can’t blame myself for always booking events like this! I love the atmosphere and of course the food was fantastic. Our first course was my favorite (just watch I’ll say that about every dish), and was a beet and mushroom tartare with goat cheese mousse. I always tell people chocolate is the way to my heart, but if you’re looking for love, just give me anything beet and goat cheese related. Seriously.

The tuna tataki was fantastic as well. The black sesame mayo was definitely my favorite part of this dish, & paired so well with the confit ginger and citrus soy. If you know me, I pepper everything I eat, so having the tuna crusted in black pepper was the real winner for me.

  Okay no wait, this one was my favourite. Succulent pork belly, chili-lime infused watermelon, and… tequila gastrique. TEQUILA. I don’t think there’s a better combination out there, just delicious. Not gonna lie I eyed up everyone’s else’s plate at the table to see if they left any scrapels. No shame either, this was  goooood.

And lastly, actually not lastly there was dessert (lemon curd with torched merigne) but I didn’t post a picture.. but the final entrée. Elk strip loin, parsnip veloute (don’t know what that means just reading off the card guys), warm pickled carrot, tarragon chimichurri, and Chef Derrick’s claim to fame, a puff pastry cage. I think this was actually my favorite. Anyways’ it’s safe to say I gobbled up every single bite of every single plate. If you ever have a chance to attend a pop-up dinner at any restaurant, definitely do it. Always a fab time. And who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up, drink wine, and mingle?

Okay socialite Kelly you are still on New Leaf mode… don’t get too excited you have plants to water and yoga to attend. May Long is only a few days away…

 Anyways, here’s a picture of Knox Mountain, been spending a lot of time here lately in my head. Thinking things. Hope ya’ll had a lovely weekend and told your mama you loved her. Stay tuned for booch progress.

Thanks for reading my rants, til next time.

THB <3

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