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Guys, I went to Mexico! It was absolutely amazing. Every single second of it. Even though I moved to a “vacation” town here in Kelowna, it still felt SO good to get on a plane, disconnect, relax in the sunshine, read something OTHER than human anatomy and physiology (although I should have been keeping up with my studies), and spend some quality time with the bf. The beaches were beautiful, the weather was perfect, and the food was delicious. The humidity left my skin glowing and dewey, I had a golden tan within a day, and I actually think I ate more healthy on vacation than I would at home! I think it’s because there was a buffet the size of my house constantly at my fingertips. I could eat ANYTHING I wanted, and told myself before hand that I should enjoy all the foods I want. However, I felt better eating for my health, rather than bingeing at every meal because I’m on vacation. You feel me? Because I did not give myself any restrictions while on my vacation, I didn’t feel suffocated and wanting to gasp for as much air as possible in the shape of brownies, cookies, and pizza. Instead I chose plates full of every veggie on the planet (actually), some form of protein (roasted chicken was my fav), and then a heaping spoonful of guacamole! I felt content and satisfied after every meal, instead of being left with feeling bloated, having digested issues, and lethargic. Pictured below is a typical meal I would have for lunch and dinner, unless we had an a la carte booked. Below further was my typical breakfast; omelet veggies, and a side of guac please!

I was surprised with how busy we were during the trip. We spent a day venturing into Tulum and visited the Ruins. Instead of paying an arm and a leg to get transportation from the resort, we ran out to the main highway and hopped in a Collectiva for a fraction of the price! It was nice to get out of the resort, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the Tulum ruins.  It was definitely a first for me. Unfortunately everything was roped off but I was able to snap some decent photos! Incredible architecture, and that beach!


Of course we had many beach and pool days. We lucked out with gorgeous weather, about 29 degrees celsius everyday, and only a little rain on our last day. As much as I loved leaving the resort, it was so relaxing to sit and read by the beach or by the pool. I brought my little Kobo everywhere with me. If there’s anything better than laying in the sun with your favourite book, a refreshing drink, and the ocean in front of you, please tell me. 

One of my favourite days in Mexico was when we took a day trip to Xel-ha! Located just 20 minutes from our resort, this bay was packed with plenty of activites. It’s an ecological water theme park and natural aquarium. Once you’re in the gates, everything is all inclusive! After securing our chemical filled sun tan lotion (and being supplied with an eco-friendly one) we set off for a day of snorkeling, zip-lining, bike riding, and swimming. I also spoiled myself with a full body massage located in the jungle (I’m calling it a jungle, there was monkeys and lizards!), which was the most peaceful experience I’ve ever had. I definitely recommend this place if you are in the cancun/playa del carmen/tulum area. Would go back there in a heart beat 🙂

And now I’m at home… Back to routine. Studying and tea. Working and hitting the gym. As much as I love travelling, I know that in order for me to see more of the world, I need to finish what I started. Two months into my twelve month Holistic Nutrition program.. I can almost TASTE the freedom. I’m actually looking forward to spending the next ten months hard at work, fulfilling a dream I’ve had for years.

I truly feel that going to Mexico was a huge step in recovery for me. I don’t think I obsessed ONCE over food. No shame, no guilt, no binge. Sometimes I was starving sure, after a busy day and not eating for multiple hours, and sometimes we were at the buffet two hours after we had breakfast. This is life. It felt SO good to truly listen to my body and eat INTUITIVELY. Even though I know what foods work or don’t work in my body, I didn’t give myself any restrictions. I feel restricting yourself will undoubtedly lead to developing unhealthy eating patterns. Normally  I stay away from dairy, gluten, etc, and for the most part I did! But I definitely had meals where I had cheese on my bunless burger, and gluten in my dessert. Did I live? Yes.

Free yourself from restrictions. If you’re just starting on the path to intuitive eating, it can be a long one, but so worth it in the end.

Study time!




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