Morning Musings

Stress. Thought of to be the most important factors when considering your risk for disease. How do I know this? My textbook says it. And it was a question on my test.. And I nailed it ok? So for now on believe everything I say.

I’m kidding. Listen to what the World Health Organization says and never buy bacon! Kidding again. Buy that bacon, throw it in your omelette, or top on some brownies, it goes with ANYTHING.

Stress is a tricky thing. Sometimes, I can be the happiest hip hoppity girl just cruising through my day on happy autopilot, and not even know that my body is experiencing an incredible amount of stress. Bills due, homework to catch up on, shifts to pick up at work to make sure I pay those bills… It really is endless. I could eat a damn near perfect diet (pretty sure that doesn’t exist anyways) and still, due to my body’s reaction to stress, there may be a plethora of negative events going on.

I’m leaving for Mexico in like, 2 days. Oh god, que stress response. I’m finishing up a 72 hour work week, endless hours of studying, somehow fitting in workouts, and trying to get to a bunch of appointments I’ve booked in preparation for my trip! You know the ones… Nails, hair, last minute bathing suit shopping… As well as a damn near tearful experience with a woman and her wax strips. TMI? Sorry.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve literally stopped myself mid-negative-thought and had to change my thinking. I’m so ‘overwhelmed’ with everything I ‘have’ to do that I’m running myself in circles with my constant negative thinking and *new verb alert* ‘what iffing.’ One of my favourite things I like to repeat to myself is “this too shall pass.” Yes, sometimes stess can be a GOOD thing and actually help motivate a person, but when it’s giving you constant anxiety and leaving you in a pit of worry, it’s doing more damage to your body then just mentally. This too shall pass helps me put it into persepctive and reminds me that I’M FINE. Iif I’m going to actually stress out about getting my nails painted then I think there’s bigger issues. I’m a firm believer that you can choose your mood. Of course bad things are going to happen, and they’re going to suck, by why live feeling unhappy and shitty all the time when you can be the opposite? It truly depends on your perception of the event and how you choose to react. This is why it’s so important to sit back, take a few deep breaths, and put things into perspective. Practice gratitude. This clip from The Ellen Show here truly amazes me at this guys attitude after becoming paralyzed.

And then there’s the other part. Physically, your body is constantly in a high cortisol state. You’re likely not sleeping well, and even if you are getting sleep, you’re not sleeping WELL. You’re probably craving unhealthy foods to cope with the stress, or using substances like over the counter drugs or alcohol. That’s a whole notha’ blog post. You’re immune system isn’t working as optimal so you’re likely more susceptible to illness. You’re in a constant state of anxiety and irritability, which leaves you in a crappy mood and affects all kinds of relationships, with coworkers, loved ones, or friends. Sex drive, gone. Your GI system isn’t friends with you anymore, no matter how many probiotics you take. Diarrhea, constipation, abdominal cramps… you name it. You may feel depressed, not necessarily from the high cortisol levels, but from all of the above working synergistically together to create an unhappy monster! Lack of sleep, poor diet, poor immune system, bad interpersonal relationships, self-hate, poor gut health, and constant anxiety and negative self-talk. I’d definitely feel depressed too if I experienced all those things!

Even more so, high cortisol levels can eventually lead to something a lot more serious, and appears to be more prevalent in today’s society. Adrenal fatigue. This my friends, even though reversible, can do a lot of damage and it’s better to nip it in the bud before your adrenals crash on you full speed. It’s scary just thinking about it, and this coffee I’m sipping back right now has me second guessing! Our adrenal glands secrete cortisol, and after these glands are being stimulated constantly, (which is a survival mechanism for us to cope with the stress) it eventually loses its ability to produce cortisol altogether! Leaving you constantly relying on caffeine and stimulants, and posting memes about your love for coffee on instagram. Caffeine actually stimulates the adrenals as well, which is why it’s important to be cautious about how much you’re in-taking, especially if you’re already balancing on the edge of adrenal fatigue.

This is why it is CRUICIAL to eat a whole foods diet. Nourish your body. Support your organs. All those little cells, they need all the love! Micronutrients are the building blocks for a successful functioning body. Feed those mitochondria what they want to make sure every cell functions to it’s best ability! Yes, I’m studying cells in school right now 🙂

Thanks for reading my morning musings. Now go make something green, tell yourself how awesome you are, and remind yourself that whatever is coming your way, you’ve made it this far already, so why worry? I’ve made a plan of attack for the day. I’ve turned all my stress into excitement for Mexico! The second I sit on that plane in first class with a glass of champagne, oh my. Looking forward to indulging with my babe and experiencing all things beauty.

Hope ya’ll have a wonderful week and stay tuned for an upcoming blog on my Mexico trip!



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