My Love for Bone Broth <3

What is this bone broth talk? I get asked this all. The. Time.

“Kel, what’s the deal with bone broth?” “Why are you drinking that stuff?” “Ew you drink that for fun?”

If you think this whole “witches brew” thing is just a fad, well then, you’re probably right… But that doesn’t mean it isn’t good for you! In addition to drinking the popular beverage (next to the rising popularity that is cold brew), and sharing a cool IG post or story about your love for bone broth, you also get to experience the numerous health benefits it offers.

First of all, lets get things straight. The bone broth you buy from the store, in the plastic carton, or even the little bouillon squares is NOT bone broth. Broth is traditionally made from the bones, where as stock is made from just the meat. Bone broth is incredibly nutritious, and as a fellow nutrivore (cute hey) I gobble this stuff up every single day. And by gobble I mean slurp. Both attractive words, really.


Bone broth is typically made by boiling bones for an extended period of time, let’s say 12-24 hours, but anywhere up to 48 hours. Beef bones usually take more time. However, I find 12 hours is perfect for beef bones, and in the past I have reused the beef bones twice, giving way more bang for your buck. You should also ensure you add apple cider vinegar (the new coconut oil apparently) to your pot as this will leach essential nutrients from the bones. And if you have the ACV out already might as well take a few tablespoons to really get your digestive fire going!

Where do you find beef bones? Your local butcher will gladly give them to you for a small price. If you don’t have time to make your own broth, you can always buy premade broth as well. As much as I support and even promote local companies such as Boned Broth and Bo & Marrow, if you are drinking this liquid gold daily, making it in larger batches is a better option. However, take note of these brands as they are an excellent option when you’re travelling!

Below I have some venison broth, and I have been adding frozen vegetables for a more heartier meal. And since the book is placed so nicely in the picture, I would recommend you read Gabrielle Bernsteins new book, The Universe Has Your Back! After all, spirituality will soon be the new bone broth. In the few short weeks since I purchased it I have definitely witnessed some little miracles in my life. I swear it’s not just a coincidence.. It’s also just a great feel good book for a rainy day!


So, WHY is bone broth healthy for you?

Here are a few key points I have come across in my research along with personal experience.

  1. When I hear bone broth, I instantly think “seals your gut”. Thanks Balanced Bites podcast for drilling this into my mind the past few years. Eventually it caught up to me! But seriously. This stuff (specifically gelatin) binds and seals your gut from years of damage from foods causing leaky gut, as well as protects your gut from future leaks. Terrible way of writing that, I know. After all,  our intestines should not be compared to tires. But given all the new knowledge of gut health, I think it’s essential to add this warm cup of goodness into your daily routine to keep everything running smoothly. Add in turmeric, ginger, or spices for extra flavour and an immune boost!

2.   Joint health is a huge benefit with bone broth as it is rich in collagen and gelatin. Another big sell! I fortunately like to think I have very healthy joints, but I know a lot of people suffer from the discomfort of joint pain! Broth is rich in glucosamine, which is essential for building cartilage (which cushions bones and joints). Broth also contains what is called chondroitin sulfate, which is also found in the cartilage around joints. Supplementing both of these will help decrease symptoms associated with osteoarthritis. Gelatin also helps build bones and may improve dental health. But forget supplementing, drink some broth!

3.   I remember listening to another podcast by Balanced Bites (#221), featuring Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, and she mentioned that bone broth was healthy for skin and hair, as it is a rich source of collagen. Personally, this was the first benefit I saw once I started consistently consuming bone broth. I always attributed my dry skin to lack of water consumption (and let’s face it my wine habit), but really, once I added this warm cuppa broth to my daily regimen, I’ve noticed incredible results as well have received many compliments. Dr. Petrucci (also known as The Paleo Mom) even says that if you go to a fashion show, you’ll notice models drinking it backstage! And we ALL want to look like models, don’t we? 😉 Just kidding… horrible thing to write given this day and age and modern’s society  perception of beauty.. but I’ll leave it and let you interpret is as you wish, (just don’t starve yourselves.)

4.   Bone broth supports your immune system. Basically, as your digestion is impaired and leaky gut arises, your immune system is compromised as your body starts to initiate attack on certain food particles or toxins entering the blood stream. So there you have it folks: seal the gut, raise immunity, and have a wonderful life.

5.   As many as you know, broth is a rich source or proteins and fats. Intermittent fasting is becoming very popular, and drinks like Bulletproof Coffee (coffee, MCT oil, grass-fed butter) is typically consumed during the fast to enhance cognition and increase mental clarity. But after listening to a few keto podcasts, (there are not enough hours in a day to stay updated on all my podcasts!) I have learned that drinking broth mid fast is beneficial as well, as it also contains healthy fats and protein and supports digestion. As much as I love my bulletproof matcha, drinking a warm cup of broth in the morning is very comforting, and the healthy fats and proteins keep me satiated until lunch!


And my newest trend? Adding avocado in my bone broth. My fav IG account, @Shutthekaleup always puts avo in her bone broth! And I mean, if she does it.. then I have to do it to. Plus it mixes it up a bit by adding a little something something to your cup.

Also, if you don’t have Shutthekaleup on IG, add her! Her insta stories are a foodie’s dream, and her son Elliot is like, the cutest kid out there. She also does ton’s of giveaways (not sure if she sends prizes to Canada), but she is really killin it. Mad girl crush.


Well folks, there’s my musings on bone broth, and I won’t be giving it up anytime soon. I am fortunate enough to have a friend who makes bone broth in large quantities and can supply me when I am too busy to make my own 🙂 Otherwise I don’t mind cooking up a big batch as it will leave your kitchen smelling like your grandmothers.

 There a ton of different ways to make bone broth, but here is a simple, universal one. You can make it longer, add different vegetables and herbs, and use different bones as you wish. Just make sure when it’s all done, it has a “gel” like consistency in the fridge, which means it’s loaded with collagen and nutrients!

Bone Broth
  • 4-6 lbs bones of choice (I use beef marrow), or chicken carcass
  • vegetables of choice (carrots, onions, garlic, celery)
  • herbs of choice (oregano, bay leaves, parsley)
  • 1-2 T apple cider vinegar
  • salt & pepper to taste
  1. Place bones in a large crock pot or soup pot
  2. Fill with enough water to cover all of the bones
  3. Add desired vegetables, herbs, and salt & pepper
  4. Add 1-2 T apple cider vinegar
  5. Simmer on low for 6-48 hours. The longer the better, as this will draw out marrow, collagen, amino acids, glycine, and gelatin.
  6. Pull bones out and strain. If using marrow bones you can eat the marrow right off the bone if you'd like!
  7. If there is a layer of fat on top, scoop it out and use for cooking, or you can consume it in the broth.
  8. Use broth for a soup base, add to stirfrys for flavour, or do what I do, and enjoy a cup a day 🙂


I encourage you to give it a try! Even just a few days worth, I guarantee you’ll see results. Although I can’t actually guarantee anything… but just do it <3



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