Page Flippin’ June

Alright, alright, alright, so my precious Kobo has been accumulating some dust lately. Actually, cat hair would be more accurate. I don’t know when I stopped picking up my little digital reading device but lately I’ve been spending my spare time sending memes out to my girlfriends and laughing uncontrollably by myself. I’m sorry, but no one is getting any smarter by looking at a picture of a toddler trying to catch a ball (and failing miserably) with the caption “how’s your dating life?”

I mean my group chats are funnier than any episode of The Office and everyone knows that laughing is the best medicine (other than kale and spirulina), but seriously Kel, read a damn book.

Tai Lopez has a challenge where you read a book everyday for 30 days. There are some rules clearly (as if anyone can read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in 24 hours) so there’s guidelines for how many pages each book should have (I think under 300) so you can actually finish. I don’t know why I’m actually explaining this challenge cause I’m not even doing it.. (sorry to let you down already like, a paragraph in) I just have SO many activities in June as it is, not to mention 12 hour shifts make it damn well impossible to also read a whole book during the daily grind. However, after listening to Chris Harder’s podcast For The Love of Money, and him explaining what this challenge did for him when he was feeling unmotivated and even depressed in his life, inspired me to do a little more reading and a little less mindless scrolling.

Another reason why  I won’t commit to the challenge, is that I am heading to Seattle to watch all three games of The Blue Jays and I don’t think my friends would like it if I had my nose deep in a book when I could be swooning after Josh Donaldson. Although last year I did take a nap during the 5th (and 6th) inning so anything is possible.

Since I am less “busy” in June, I think I can dedicate a little more time to brain training and less time having a staycation. Even though the weather is going to get warmer and the chardonnay tastes better. Oh look at me already making justifications in case I fail. Classic Kelz. But no really, my breaks at work will include reading on the beach (unless Kelowna becomes engulfed in water) and instead of jamming out to Despicito on the stairmaster I can listen to an ebook or bring my kobo to read at the gym.

Instead of watching everyone’s insta-stories (and posting my own) I can safely get into my hammock (keyword: safely) and read on days off while listening to children play at the pool or observing 22 yr olds drink to many hard iced teas. Or I can cancel that tinder date (when I have no intention on going on a second) and go down to city beach and read with an iced coffee, like I did the very first month I moved here. So there’s options guys. The first book I am going to finish (which I started it in Costa) is called Wanderlust. Even just picking it up for 5 minutes I become instantly engaged and am able to get lost in someone else’s adventure for once and not my own. Reading is the ultimate escape, as even when I try and watch informative documentaries on the flix I find myself scrolling through facebook over and over.

Of course I’m going to mix it up. I’ll read self-development books, grab the odd non-fiction, and of course biographies. I’ll re-read some of my paleo books that are accountable for my passion for nutrition and ultimately my journey to becoming a holistic nutritionist. I’ll probably dust off the ol’ Why Men Love Bitches where I can learn to wait the appropriate amount of time before I text a guy that I like back. I might even get a book about fermentation as it has quickly become a new hobby, which gives me an excuse to spend endless hours in Chapters looking at pretty journals even though I have a blank one sitting next to my bed.

I will have to read The Universe Has Your Back again because I find myself quoting from her book everyday anyways, so why not read her mantras again to instill them even more in my memory. Last night I even opened the pages of the book Smashed by Koren Zailckas. A jarring memoir about her relationship with alcohol, and how self-poisoning herself for 9 years finally lead her to quit drinking, as she began to realize that her blackouts were gaining more popularity over a responsible adulthood.

Now I’m not just reading to see what all the fuss is about in The Alchemist or The Untethered Soul. Reading is important for memory improvement, expanding your vocabulary, stress reduction, and improves focus. Not to mention you get all those good feels when you’re head and heart deep in a love story or any book with a happy ending. You may read an inspiring true story that moves you, and maybe take a thing or two from the pages and put it into practice, changing your life or someone else’s.

Maybe you’ll figure out your love languages, learn how to meditate, or simply read a young adult fiction book because sometimes you miss being a teenager, where people fell in love organically and didn’t have to swipe in a certain direction because our generation seems to think “there has to be a physical connection first.” The days are gone when I would spend my spare time reading Sweet Valley High, or the Gossip Girl series. Now my spare time is spent watching insta-stories of the same people, doing the same things. PS I’m totally guilty of this, so thank you for tuning in, and I promise I’ll keep you entertained in Seattle this weekend- GO JAYS GO.

Basically what I’m getting at is… just like exercising, eating healthier, meditating, or traveling to a new country or destination, there literally is no way you CANNOT benefit from this activity. (Double negative-apologize!) And again, make this into a daily practice, so it becomes easier everyday, and you crave the words on the page versus social media updates. One day read for 20 minutes, and keep doing it until you can’t put your book down and order a headlamp on Amazon for 7.99. I mean I would use it next time I’m travelling for sure anyways, so, I kinda need it? Definitely need a “no shopping” month coming up…

So. I’m excited for this month’s #yearofselflove activity, and if anyone want’s to join me or give me book suggestions, then please do. The more the merrier, and bonus if you wanna do book swaps. Happy June ya’ll.

“Between the pages of a book, is a lovely place to be” <3



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