Pulled Pork, Champagne, and Breakfast Salad

Such an amazing day vineyard hopping yesterday! We did a wine tour at Mission Hill, had lunch and a wine tasting at Quails Gate, picked up a case of our favourite Gamay Noir at Mt. Bouherie, and then grabbed some bubbly from Summerhill!


I’m a little ashamed my boyfriend is the master chef in the household, but man can he cook a meal. Having just moved in together, I’m definitely reaped the benefits of living with a food artist. Tonight he cooked a pulled pork with a homemade bbq sauce, an Asian inspired salad, and grilled zucchini. I would have a recipe for the bbq sauce, but he likes to add in/take out ingredients throughout the process, and have me taste test it every 5 minutes! I say take out because he added one too many chipotle peppers and it was quite spicy. The Asian salad was purple and green cabbage, with a rice vinegar, soya, crushed garlic and sesame oil dressing, topped with green onions, and crispy noodles! I opted out of the noodles as I don’t eat gluten, but it definitely adds a crunch to the dish.

After dinner we toasted our night away with a beautiful Cipes Brut from Summerhill Winery, a personal favourite of ours💛 and watched some funny Southpark scenes in the background…

This morning we visited a little cafe bakery down the street, an awesome breakfast spot that I’ll be visiting again! I had the “poached egg in a nest”, one poached egg, over top of sprouts, onions, avocado, cucumber, feta, and pulled ham! I’ve never really thought of having salad for breakfast but I’ll definitely be recreating this at home, a light breakfast full of nutrients!

Happy Sunday🌸




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