Relaxing, A Form of Art

Thanksgiving weekend wrapped up pretty great for me. I finally felt relaxed, after such a busy few weeks. I am usually a go go go person-work, study, gym, sleep. Sometimes I find myself staring at the TV, only to realize I’m not paying any attention to what’s going on, and actually have a million different thoughts on my mind. This weekend I was able to shut my brain off, and spend time with my boyfriend and his family and do all of my favourite things. I enjoyed delicious food, impeccable wine, and was surrounded by the beautiful sceneries of BC, and more specifically the Sparkling Hill Resort located just outside of Vernon. From multiple steam rooms, hot tubs, and a heated outdoor infinity pool with the crisp autumn air hovering over top, it was truly a wonderful time. Not to mention the endless array of chrystals located throughout the hotel! A beautiful environment, inside and out. Our bodies need time to relax, and detoxify, and there’s no better place than a spa!

Why do we need to relax? Well, for starters, if you don’t make relaxing a priority, you will quickly run yourself into the ground with chronically high stress levels that can end up affect every ounce of your well being. Insomnia, poor nutrition, anxiety, and lowered immune function are just a few consequences that stem from leading a stressful lifestyle. Add onto that chronically elevated cortisol levels and you have a recipe for a disaster. Relaxing helps RESET the body, bringing it back to neutral gear, vs running forever at high speed. Relaxing gives you time to take a step back and assess your lifestyle. If things are working out great, your health is optimal, and you really have nothing to complain about, then keep doing what you’re doing…don’t listen to me! But if you suffer from any of the above symptoms, then waste no time in planning a weekend getaway, or even just take off for a night! Clear your calendar, buy a new book, and go give yourself a treat. Even just one night at Sparkling Hill was enough to ignite my soul and rejuvenate my body.

Our mini getaway started after we whipped up a quick breakfast at home. Italian style omelettes, and a cup of joe, and we were off! Craig’s parents got the ultimate treatment; his mother enjoyed a salt scrub, while his dad had an upper body massage. Sparkling Hill is definitely a place I plan on returning to in the future. You can actually get rooms during the week at a decent rate, and being an employee of Interior Health, I get a pretty good discount! Next time I need some relaxation time, or just a day or two to get inspired, it is definitely worth the drive up. After we checked out the steam and sauna rooms, we had a picnic in his parents room. As delicious as the food at Sparkling Hill is, we decided to bring our own dinner. We had a light chicken salad dinner. We cut up fresh veggies and used leftover hummus and tzatziki from our dinner earlier this week, and Heather tossed up a chicken salad made with chicken, shrimp, mayo, yogurt, curry and spices, raisins, and fresh cashews. We wrapped them in lettuce wraps, and it was amazing! Definitely a dish I would like to recreate (I didn’t exactly see what she was whipping up as I was busy preparing Thanksgiving dinner) and keep this on hand for quick and easy lunches. We paired this with the Summerhill Cipes Rose. I know the picture shows a glass of red, but afterwards the sparkling was the perfect accompaniment to this dish!

Monday morning, after one of the best complimentary breakfasts I’ve ever had, we hit up the spa one more time. You could spend endless amount of time hitting up the steam rooms. My favourite is the rose steam room, where they infuse rose oil into the room! They also had an igloo room, a salt steam room, a crystal steam room, an aqua meditation room, and 3 different temperature saunas! There’s something for everyone. A couple hours later and we were all very happily, very relaxed walking out of Sparkling Hill. There’s a few of our favourite vineyards in east Kelowna, so we made a quick stop on our way home. Arrowleaf Vineyards has fantastic views, and great value wine. They were also rated the #2 vineyard in BC! (I think…) My personal fav of the wines we tasted was the Rose. Even though patio season is over, you can still enjoy a Rose with a light tossed salad, preferably with seafood or chicken. Heather bought their dessert wine which was incredibly delicious, and I actually found it to be less sweet than expected. I opted out on purchasing one though, because I personally prefer to eat dessert instead of drinking it. Just being honest here..

Gray Monk was our last stop before heading home. Another gorgeous vineyard, with amazing wines. And the value! They carry the Latitude line and some bottles from the vineyard are 11 bucks! We ended up having lunch here as well. The boys had the scallops, with crispy pancetta, and a lemon basil risotto, which tasted absolutely delicious, and I opted for a lighter course. I had the apple, goat cheese, and balsamic stack with spinach, walnuts, and spiralized golden beets.

I purchased the Odyssey Merlot, which paired perfectly with dinner. We had some frozen bolgnese sauce in the freezer, cooked up some spaghetti squash, added fresh herbs, and poof. Dinner served. It was a incredible, relaxing weekend. Off to Mexico in 17 days, so time to lay off the wine, stop eating dairy, and get plenty of exercise! I truly believe I have healed my gut by consuming probiotics regulary, consuming less sugar and dairy products (that help feed the bad bacteria!), and eating a nutrient dense whole foods diet. Because of these healthy habits, I’m able to enjoy a weekend where I can be more felxible with my diet and eat certain foods without getting irritated or experiencing negative consequences.

And lastly, I enjoyed the rest of my pumpkin cheesecake I purchased from Glow Juicery that was hiding in my freezer! It is vegan and dairy, gluten, and soy free. They always have seasonal treats kicking around so definitely check this place out of you’re looking for clean, raw food meals and snacks!

I can definitely say I feel renewed and rejuvenated after this past weekend. Time to kill the last few weeks before Mexico! Time to enjoy some leftover turkey din <3

Have a splendid week,



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