Stop Shoulding All Over the Place…

Okay I know that’s not a word. But I heard someone talk about it on a podcast and then laughed, and then decided to write some nonsense about it. And by adding the -ing it is really confusing, and almost sounds like I’m talking about a shoulder. But basically, I’m talking about that one word we are all guilty of saying in our heads, of things we, umm, “should” be doing, and then because we aren’t doing them, we feel bad!

Yesterday I should have went to the gym. I should have not eaten that froyo on the weekend. I should work this weekend, I should study more, I should call my mom. First of all, these things all of a sudden become a chore, or something on my to-do list that will only get farther away because I’m shoulding left right and centre. I’m pretty sure I have gone like 5 days because I keep putting off calling my mama, even though after we talk on the phone , I always feel SO much better. Testing recipes, spring cleaning, washing my car, they all SHOULD have been done. And there is literally no benefit to not doing them. It’s like when you finish a great workout, you will never regret it.

But what if I just do it? Ahhhh, if life were that easy. But actually, I’m pretty sure the 30 minutes I spend watching snap chat stories throughout the day is plenty of time to whip the old civic through the car wash (I could totally watch snap stories during the wash too, maybe even snap all those pretty colors?). Anyways, clearly I’m coming off a night shift and these are the thoughts going through my mind when I should (damn I did it again) get some sleep! Ha.

Since I’ve started utilizing to-do lists, I do find I accomplish more. And the more I accomplish, the better I feel. The power of habit! And what’s better, is the more things you get out of the way, in turn makes room for you to do things you enjoy, that you want to do. The stuff we work so hard for. Like spend time with loved ones, go to the beach, or binge watch season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy, because even though you know what happens in the finale #becausesocialmedia you still need to watch it. Not going to lie, the second I wake up I’m making a smoothie bowl and watching an episode.

To make this post somewhat about food, here is a pic of my smoothie bowl!

Superfoods include:

  • maca powder. to balance out those darn estrogen levels that my conventional oral contraceptives love to sky rocket (a post on this in the future)
  • bee pollen because allergies, and a dose of crunch and sweetness
  • chlorella & spirulina because they are green so they must be healthy right?
  • berries- antioxidants
  • chocolate protein powder- ummm chocolate. makes me happy. essential.
  • topped with a bunch of nuts and stuff because crunch, omega 3s and 6s, some zinc and magnesium, and lets face it, it’s fun. like making your own froyo, minus the peanut butter drizzle and peanut butter cups and cookie dough bites…

Anyways, bad marketing to talk about froyo after my superfood smoothie. We all know what you really want. Go get some froyo!

Just stop “shoulding” all over the place, and start doing. Right meow.

Okayyy happy Tuesday

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