Summer Lovin <3

Wow my titles are getting SO creative! WELL, it’s officially summer in the Okanagan. The city of Kelowna is blooming, the sunshine is hotter than ever, and there are not enough fun activites to do! Of course we’ve been covered in a smokey haze this last week but that didn’t take away from all the fun had over August Long. Between boating, the wineries and fancy restaurants, catching up with friends from out of  town, and just making our way along the boardwalk people watching, it was  lovely and relaxing weekend. One that will definitely warrant an upcoming juice and broth cleanse! After my cousins wedding next week of course…

But I truly have managed to make the best of Summer 2017 (and it’s only half over!). I’ve done multiple hikes, including a 2.5 hour hike up to Needle Peak, with plans to hike again in September weather permitting, with a tent and a box of wine strapped to our backs. Then there was Spion Kop, getting lost with Miss Lise only to end up right where we needed to be, over looking Lake Okanagan and Lake Kalamaka and quenching our thirst with a Coors Light, and of course, multiple hikes up Knox mountain with the same beautiful view of Kelowna that no one, I mean no one, can ever get sick of.

I don’t care if it takes a mere 17 calories of energy and 38 steps down to the pool at my condo building, but I have spent as much time as I can reading pool side and soaking in the sun. Luckily, I have just a few of my best friends living less than a km away that can come join me as well! Just you wait until my blog post on our progressive dinner party…#desperatehousewives. But seriously, whether I’m people watching from my balcony *see daily insta-stories* or bbq’ing up some beer butt chicken, I am taking full advantage of living at a resort style condo building.

Then there’s the sports. Another name for activities if you will. I highly enjoyed playing volleyball since my building also has beach volleyball courts, not to mention the hidden cardio that comes with it. When you can’t tell if you’re sweating because it’s 32 degrees or because you’re diving like a dolphin just to barely bump the ball back up to the circle of friends that miss it anyways, either way, it’s a workout and a half. There’s also baseball, with whom I have a love hate relationship with. Love it because I get to stand at home plate playing back-catcher, chirp the other teams, drink palm bays, and feel like I’m part of a team for once after years of riding solo as a gymnast. Hate it because I broke my thumb. I broke my thumb. 3 weeks of stubbornness and 3 weeks of pain later, I finally had it X-rayed, and yep, what I thought all along (but didn’t want to believe hence continuing to play volleyball and do front and back handsprings), she was broken. So now I walk around wearing a purple thumb cast and an underlying irritability because I can’t complete such simple tasks with ease such as putting in a pony tail, taking out my contacts, or even getting dressed. My complaining has minimized and I have a new found appreciation for my other hard-working fingers that have stepped up to the challenge when needed. Oh phalanges, you rock my world.

So that covers the sports portion of my summer, unless you count cribbage as a sport (which I do) and have played multiple games either with patients, my roommate, or my new boyfriend that clearly doesn’t understand the “let her win” rule. I’m only winning about 33% of the time and I’m starting to realizing that it is more strategy than luck, and I might need to head back to Fort Saskatchewan to get some lessons from Gramps.

There was also some new activities I was lucky to try. Visting new wineries in Naramata (yes, wine touring IS an “activity”), side-by-siding with the bf on Kelowna mountain, and going rollerblading for the first time in probably 17 years… and yes, I realize I’m aging myself by saying that. I also went kayaking and when I realized me and my friends daughter weren’t going to tip over into Wood Lake, I actually enjoyed myself and the shoulder workout.

I also landed myself a pretty sweet gig as a Holistic Nutritionist at Gravity Float Space, which I am SO pumped about! Of course I still love my position at the hospital, and am sure that I will always still nurse on the floor. Psychiatry is my passion and always will be, but I cannot wait to take those skills to a private clinic, where clients are in an already different mindset when it comes to their health and willing to make lifestyle and nutritional changes. I truly believe in a direct correlation between nutrition-gut health-mindfulness-and mental health, and am excited to share that passion and knowledge with others, and with my guidance, get to witness others heal themselves through a holistic approach. Also, for the rest of the month of August, I’m offering 15% off my nutritional consulting services and meal plans! Check out Gravity Float Wellness for more information and come in and see me!!!

Honestly, the second I left 2016 behind I knew 2017 was going to be something special. My year of self-love project is only halfway over and I can’t believe the difference I’ve seen in my own little world. I don’t have any specific “focus” for July or August, I have just been seriously loving life and everything that has come my way. I’m definitely aware of all the previous months of self-love activities, and specifically focusing on meditation and manifesting, as I believe it can be the most important activity to practice on your path to healing. So a BIG Cheers to 2017, it’s only going to get better.


“And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”-The Alchemist.


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