Sunset and Sockeye Salmon

Today I had the most invigorating yoga class yet. Some yoga classes I flow through the movements, no distressing thoughts, but not entirely “in the zone”…maybe thinking about dinner, or plans for the rest of the evening. This class was different. First of all I left my phone at home. I don’t need to be checking Instagram in the change room, really. I locked my door to the condo and set my intention to be present. It was one of the hardest yoga classes: power flow. I didn’t know that walking in to it, but was pleased with the challenge and blew my own damn mind at the poses I hit. Birds of paradise, crow, headstand… (I don’t know the correct yoga names!) but normally I would get frustrated and scale back to what I was comfortable with without pushing myself. Other than flowing through this high paced class, I just kept thinking about what’s next and how incan keep progressing and getting better! I was excited for the new challenges the instructor set for me, and was actually upset when the class was over. Usually halfway through im mentally counting down the minutes til I can breathe fresh, cool air. Yoga used to be a “workout” for me that I had to get through. Now I do it because I want to, and I fully utilize every minute to becoming a better person spiritually. At the end of class she placed cool cloths over our head, read an amazing script, and I fell asleep. Yep. I mean, I slept maybe two hours after my night shift but regardless, it was such a good practice I just drifted off to sleep! Total relaxation. I didn’t want to leave. Although it was my day off and I really had no plans, I was enjoying the warm room where nothing was being asked of me, or expected of me. Needless to say it completely kick started my day.

I’ve been a little worried about finances, I only work casual at the hospital and now I’m starting full time school in September! I still have bills, rent, and now a monthly tuition fee. My boyfriends birthday is in a few weeks so I got him a drill set… Something he asked for and I didn’t want to go the cheap route!

After stopping for some quick groceries I came home and we made delicious salmon, with a soy, mustard, and olive oil glaze, sided with crisp BBQ’d asparaugus. And yes, he came up with the recipe for the glaze!

We ate outside and watched the sunset, which isn’t pictured because it was too damn enjoyable to sit and enjoy one another’s company, and watch the beautiful Kelowna scenery. Plus he attended 3 baseball games in Seattle over the weekend so of course had to hear all about that!

Another busy weekend ahead, a girlfriend flies in from Edmonton Friday morning and you bet your boots I have another fun weekend planned with yummy food, wineries, hiking, and hopefully paddle boarding!

Cheers 💕

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