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Month One of Self Lovin’ <3

So excited January is coming to an end! And even more excited I’m feeling 100% better than when this month started. I mean I blame Strep throat for feeling crappy in the beginning but regardless, I am thinking 2017 is going to be a very promising year.
January’s #yearofselflove was ensuring I fuel myself with nutrient

Yam Toasts

Oh heyyyyy.
So obviously I had to write a blog post about yam toasts. It’s all the rave these days, and I’m not wasting anytime hopping on the trend train. The foodie in me couldn’t wait to start the hashtag fun! I mean, first it was avocado toast, or #avotoast if you will, and now

Fall Cleanse

This week, and September in general, is all about removing toxins. Raise your hand if your summer was filled with sweets and treats, palm bays and beers, too much take out food, and late night eats? (Insert girl emoji with hand raised). Now I can’t say that I have been consistent this month, as Summer

Chocolate Avocado Protein Mousse 

I’ve been done Whole 30 for a week now! I quickly realized however, that my body does not like sugar. I may have gotten into a chocolate bunny or two, some reese peanut butter cups, AND girl guide cookies hiding in my freezer (gluten filled and everything!)
So I realize after being on a clean

The Babe Cave 

I forgot how much fun it was to live with a girlfriend. 24/7 girl talk, wine and chocolate on the ready (don’t worry, we make sure we eat plenty of vegetables and green smoothies!), binge watching The Mindy Project without judgement, and our favorite thing as of late: boy talk. It reminds me that

Blueberry Chocolate Chips Muffins

After lying in bed for a good 45 minutes this morning I figured there were other ways to be productive than catching up on Kendall Jenner’s instagram. Yoga didn’t start for 3 more hours, the gym doesn’t open til 7 am, and my stomach was growling! I quickly googled some general muffin recipes, threw on

Stuffed Acorn Squash

Merry Christmas everyone!
I was spoiled this year and got so many beautiful thoughtful gifts. I’ve probably has at least ten cups of tea in this mug already 🙂

I am so unbelievably excited for the New Year! I also just celebrated a birthday so I feel like I am getting a new start

Banana Cinnamon Pancakes

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I couldn’t wait to hop out of bed and make these! After just coming off a night shift and sleeping in until noon, it really was the perfect time to roll up my sleeves and make some pancakes. I used to always make these a few years back, as

Mexico Love 🐠

Guys, I went to Mexico! It was absolutely amazing. Every single second of it. Even though I moved to a “vacation” town here in Kelowna, it still felt SO good to get on a plane, disconnect, relax in the sunshine, read something OTHER than human anatomy and physiology (although I should have been keeping up

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving is definitely my favourite time of year. Surrounded by food and family, love and laughter, desserts and wine. What else can you ask for? I was unable to go back home to Edmonton due to school and work commitments, but luckily my second family drove up for the weekend. The first night my boyfriend