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Eat From Love <3

One week of 2017 in the books and my #yearofselflove has already been making an impact in my life!
If you’ve read my first post you’ll know that my January #yearofselflove monthly practice consists of eating nourishing foods. And that doesn’t mean everything I eat needs to contain X amount of antioxidants or X amounts

My Maca

Okay, so I’ve recently embarked on the journey of getting off oral contraceptives, and instead switching to a less estrogen dominant and thus hormone dysregulating product. If there’s ONE thing I’ve learned in my program, it’s the negative effects that oral contraceptives have on your hormones, and your body. I’m going on 13 years taking

Maca Power Smoothie

After combing through the aisles of Choices Market in Kelowna, I finally landed myself upon some Maca powder! Grocery shopping is by far one of my favourite activities, and I was so excited to discover new health food stores when I moved to BC. I wasn’t sure what to mix this up with but it