Thanksgivin’ Lovin’

What a beautiful time of year! The leaves are changing, scarves and boots come out of your closet, and autumn flavours are out in full swing. Apple cinnamon muffins, peach cobblers, or pumpkin spice anything has my name all over it. Even though summer is over, everyone starts soaking up the holiday cheer starting with Thanksgiving, which happens to be this weekend! Unfortunately I won’t be heading back to Edmonton to celebrate the holiday with my family. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be baking delicious treats. Now as much as I love to bake and create, I didn’t feel like gambling on something that may or may not turn out and likely end up with me licking pumpkin cheesecake out of a bowl. So I headed over to good old google and stumbled across Elana’s Pantry, where she has a TON of recipes. First of all she’s been running her blog since 2006! I didn’t even know Paleo diet world existed back then!

Now for the record, I am not completely Paleo, and don’t nearly preach it as much as my 2012 days. I do feel however eating a whole foods diet with little processing, and removing certain food allergens such as wheat and dairy is essential to optimal health. Afterall, you won’t be lacking any nutrients from removing these foods, and instead, will fill up with more nutrient dense, vitamin rich foods! However, if you tolerate these foods (I definitely tolerate some smoked applewood cheese next to a glass of red wine), then by all means have at er’. But you’ll see most of the recipes I choose to make or create will most likely be wheat and dairy free. Rice, quinoa, oats, lentils, are all still staples in my diet, as these foods can offer many nutrients and are healthy complex carbs when you may not necessarily want to eat fruit and yams all day!

Anyways, I digress. So this year I opted for the Chocolate Pecan Pie! I’m a working girl here and didn’t exactly have excess time on my hands (damn you Grey’s Anatomy), so I may have bought a pre-made gluten free crust! If you check out Elana’s website you’ll find a super easy, minimal ingredient pie crust recipe you can use. I also just wanted an excuse to go to Choices Market and look at all the fancy organic products.

This is a super easy recipe with minimal ingredients. There are also a TON of recipes you can find online with real, whole food ingredients, so you really have no reason not to woo your guests with a delicious, healthy, dessert. These pies came out beautifully out of the oven, but unfortunately when I went to bring it to my guests the next day it had set a little, and I should have only cooked it halfway at home. I ended up cutting these up into squares and they were a hid! Find the recipe here.

My weekend started off lovely. As sad as I was that I couldn’t be home for the holidays, I still spent Thanksgiving weekend with some good people. Friday night was ladies night. Nothing like too much wine and laughter with the girls <3

Saturday I was thankful to visit some of my favourite Okanagan vineyards (50th Parallel, The Gray Monk, Intrigue, and Arrowleaf), play cribbage, and eat some tenderloin, waldorf salad, AND twice backed stuffed potatoes. Really looking forward to making twiced baked stuffed sweet potatoes… stay tuned.

Sunday was turkey day! It was also the Jays game and the Presidential Debate but those things aren’t nearly as important as delicious turkey. We also spent the day boating on Okanagan Lake… I wasn’t brave enough to go surfing, as I can’t even get up regardless if it’s in freezing water.. but maybe next year. I also had to race off to night shift and had already gobbled up my turkey dinner before I could take a photo! It’s also, kinda like, super awkward and I felt I should probably keep the phone away for a meal 🙂 Foodies out there, ya feel me?

I am SO fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. It really makes a difference to wake up everyday and see such gorgeous scenery. And of course, making sure you appreciate it. The Okanagan doesn’t get much sun throughout the winter so make sure you appreciate the sunshine when you can.

Well, well. Hope ya’ll had a splendid Thanksgiving filled with Turkey, pumpkin pie, and laughs. Summer is officially over and fall is here! This season is time for me to get back into routine, eat some earthy, grounding foods such as squashes and root vegetables, drink too much tea, and of course, stay up to date in the latest Greys Anatomy drama. Til next time.



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