The Babe Cave 

I forgot how much fun it was to live with a girlfriend. 24/7 girl talk, wine and chocolate on the ready (don’t worry, we make sure we eat plenty of vegetables and green smoothies!), binge watching The Mindy Project without judgement, and our favorite thing as of late: boy talk. It reminds me that I should cherish this time, because believe it or not, one day I will live with a boy that doesn’t let me light my pumpkin candle because of the smell. Or maybe I’ll just find one that appreciates the scent? Yes, let’s do that.

I can’t believe how much I’ve been cooking! Hallie brought with her a packed pantry with literally every spice you can think of, including marjoram. What is that?! Either way it’s green and pretty and tastes good on chicken. We take turns cooking for each other and have been getting creative in the kitchen. I finally made my cauliflower mash I’ve been missing ( I definitely need an immersion blender though to smooth out the kinks), and she made the most delicious coconut rice I’ve ever tasted. Like I know it’s in the fridge right now and I will probably eat it before I go home to sleep (working a 16 hour night shift right now so it’s essential I eat in the morning or I wake up as hangry as a hippo).

Our backyard is finally coming together as I picked up my tables from my old place, which by the way I surprisingly don’t miss at all. I’ve actually never felt more at home than I do right now, in our little Babe Cave. I love it more than anything. The tables were a start, and now we are looking to find string lights, numerous potters for beautiful flowers, and you bet we’re starting a garden. Our above neighbors also just bought a trampoline and placed it in the backyard so the 12 year old gymnast in me is ecstatic! Might need to make a sign though… “No wine, or you’re flyin”..? Luckily they have one of those new ones with the netting 🙂

Marcel has been my little buddy and has definitely been keeping me entertained. I swear I’ll be eating a kale salad and he’s waging his tail begging as if I am eating a chicken wing! He was pretty excited about these cookies, but I cooked them for someone special so he will have to wait until next time. I was going to make basic white chocolate macadamia nut cookies so I wouldn’t mess up but I thought, you know what, I’m Kelly and I like weird healthy, paleo recipes, so I thought I would try a random one out. Note* these are not exclusively paleo because I used store bought mini white chocolate chips 🙁 but they are to die for and I will definitely be remaking this recipe! I’m pretty sure I heard they were compared to Subway cookies, so you’re welcome. Recipe is from Delicious Meets Healthy.

I also made this AMAZING tahini-avocado-tamari dressing! I will make a point of testing it out soon, as the first batch I literally kept adding things with random amounts until I liked the taste. It was delicious over sauteed greens, and even reused it as a salad dressing the next day. I will be sure to post the recipe as soon as I test it out again.

Over the last few weeks I have really been decreasing my sugar and caffeine consumption. I didn’t commit to a complete 21 day sugar detox like my bestie Jessica (ummm Bachelor finale is this monday and Wine must be consumed. Hey, I didn’t make the rules, I just follow them), but I’ve definitely cut out a lot of foods and my coffee intake. I’ve noticed A) I crave sugar less, and sleep better and B) when I DO drink caffeine, I get kinda agitated, hypomanic like, and think I’m dying for a brief second and then snap out of it and stick to my green tea for a few days. Drinking coffee is way more habitual than it is actually needed. I now look forward to my warm cup of tea in the morning or a hot lemon water. I do enjoy my bulletproof coffee occasionally though, but have been using a half-caf coffee for that which seems to be doing the trick. Oh, and I still love my matcha lattes 🙂

A week today I leave to Edmonton for  to visit my wonderful family and friends. I haven’t been home since the summer so I am extremely excited, and I also bring home my beautiful Marlow. This year just keeps getting better. I truly feel the happiest I have in awhile. Sometimes you can’t see how unhappy you were until you are out of a particular situation. But I now know some things can’t be changed, and whatever happens is meant to happen. Struggles and challenges help us grow, always. Embrace them, have support to help you move on, cope in healthy ways, and keep your chin up. The grass is always greener on the other side, oh and the golf courses are already open in Kelowna, so that grass is ACTUALLY greener. Speaking of which, hoping to hit the driving range tomorrow!

Have a fabulous weekend lovlies, and make sure to get outside!

Xox, Kelly

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