The Year of Self Love

Happy New Year everyone!!! I can’t believe it’s 2017 already. I also turned 28 over the holidays and am pretty excited to do BIG things this year.

The general consensus of my social media feeds (including my own) is that 2016 kinda.. sucked. Like sucked bad. Did 2016 reallllly suck or did we all just fall prey to the overloading stimulation of social media and everyone’s amazing life and comparing our own to theirs? I can’t  tell you how many women I follow that I am jealous of. They wear cool clothes, always seem incredibly happy, are in perfect relationships, and are beautiful with great bodies. Now I’m not saying I’m an ugly leprachaun (sorry if that offends anyone) but I could definitely give myself a lot more credit!

So I came up with The Year of Self Love. Now maybe, just maybe I saw the hashtag #yearofselflove all over social media and maybe I am adopting some of my principles such as developing a new self love regimen for every month from the book “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Reubin.

But who cares? I am motivated and I hope to inspire others to do the same. I see too many women fall prey to self-hate, and it reflects in the way they treat themselves and others. Including myself.

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Self-love can come in may ways. Nourishment, exercise, meditation, relaxation, building strong relationships, treating yourself, helping others, etc. So every month I am planning to pick one, and only one thing to work on specifically and dedicate myself to practicing it. Then, every other month I hope to continue to instill these practices every day.

January’s self-love practice is going to be healing my body with nourishing foods. I can bet everyone indulged (nothing wrong with that) over the holidays. Rum and eggnog, fancy dinners out, auntie’s shortbread cookies, and too much Christmas dinner! After a little too much indulgence I am the unfortunate recipient of Strep Throat. I spent the last two days bed rest watching two seasons of the Mindy Project, sipping dandelion coffee, and carefully picking my two favorites for the Bachelor Pool at work.

So instead of playing the victim of my own illness, I used my holistic nutrition knowledge to learn to nourish myself back to health. Oil of oregano, probiotics, bone broth, plenty of green juices, and all the vitamin C from fresh fruits and veggies. I also got suckered into a new curry cauliflower sauerkraut because I’m a sucker for sales people, especially if I like the product. I also managed a berry spinach smoothie with all the goodies: matcha, spirulina, chlorella, maca, kale powder, and gelatin.

I am also removing as many toxins as possible this month including: alcohol, processed sugar, refined carbohydrates, dairy, and gluten products. I know how my body feels when I fuel it with clean, healthy foods. And I’ve kinda been off the map for the last…. 9 months or so due to every excuse in the book!

Everyone has room for more self-love. After all, if you don’t love yourself you can’t love others. “You cannot give away what you don’t have.”- Joyce Meyer.

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That judgement you have of others, is judgement you hold against yourself. Those negative thoughts you tell yourself throughout the day, whether consciously or unconsciously have a powerful effect on you body. Your hormones, your metabolism, your mood, and your spirit. I will write more in the coming months of the importance to recognizing your thoughts to others and how you talk to yourself, but for January I would like to focus on nourishment through food. I will still be exercising, meditating, and cultivating positive thoughts, but first want to make sure every day I choose foods that support my gut, feed my soul, and give me vital energy. Yes, because I want to feel better physically, but also because I know how much better I feel mentally and emotionally. And how I am deserving and worthy of eating this way, and don’t need to eat and drink things because I feel ashamed or guilty, or to distract me from things in life that are actually important to me.

I would love to actually do a Whole30 because I just love that program! But I also love my superfoods smoothies and know that they aren’t allowed.

So here is my first three months of my Year of Self Love:

  1. January: eat nourishing foods
  2. February: move my body everyday, in ways I enjoy
  3. March: Travel, and experience all I can experience. ( I am going to Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua the first three weeks of March).

Follow me on instagram to see the majority of my food creations @theholisticblonde but I plan on updating posts with some of my recipes. Beware of excess superfood smoothies and curry dishes FYI. They my favs. I will also be implementing my own strategies to cut out sugar! I released this program mid December and will be promoting it all month long, as often the hardest part of sticking to healthy eating lifestyle is dealing with sugar cravings. Check out the Your Sweet Enough program here, and see if it’s for you!

I am truly excited for 2017, and hope you join my in My Year of Self Love by following along, and sharing your own ideas with me.

Love, love


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