Those Pasta Feels…

I’m not sure if I was just craving comfort food, or itching to twirl something around my fork like I did when I used to eat ichiban noodles three times daily when I was in Elementary. Okay not really 3 times, but often enough. I DID eat some nutritious food.. broccoli and cheese sauce anyone? Anyways, yesterday, pasta was on my mind! I’m not one to go out and buy gluten free noodels, rice noodles, etc. If you want something, get creative! Of course zoodles are on the list, but now you can spiralize basically anything! Potatoes, beets, carrots, even fruits! I didn’t take my spiralizer out yesterday due to my recent thumb slice on the mandolin… which by the way, could definitely have used a stitch or two and I’m hoping it will heal okay 🙁

Anyways, after coming off of a night shift I woke up groggy and grumpy. And hungry, obviously. I find it funny how I used to train fasted almost everyday last year! Wow times have changed. It is SO important to fuel your body before working out, or before anything really. I woke up at noon and at this time normally I have had a bunch of food in my belly. I made one of my favourite meals, and literally, LITERALLY one of the easiest in all of the land.

Ingredients: broccoli slaw, coconut oil, chicken.

Method: Saute broccoli slaw in coconut oil, add chicken..(I used precooked chicken that I had in the fridge).

But yeah, that’s it… easy huh? And don’t forget to top liberally with salt and peppa. Twas the perfect fuel before I hit the gym for an upperbody workout.

With pasta still on the brain, I decided to go with a spaghetti squash dish at dinner. My other favourite pasta alternative, and my boyfriend likes it just as much, which makes it easy. I found a great recipe from the paleOMG website. Isn’t she fricken awesome BTW? Genius recipes and such great style! I can’t wait to get my hands on her new book. But for now I will gladly keep testing her delicious free recipes from the blog. They are always so simple too, and I usually have most of the ingredients sitting in my fridge! I made her Buffalo Chicken Pasta and it tasted fantastic. Find the recipe here.

Well, it’s my first day off in 10 days! Spending my day with a cup full of tea, a belly full of leftovers, a good book at hand, (currently reading Sexy by Nature by Stefani Ruper), and going to hit up Moksha this afternoon.

Happy Thursday! 💛

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