I love February. Whether you’re spending this month celebrating your love for a special someone, or simply single like me, it’s a great reason to spoil yourself and pass it off as practicing “self-love”. First up, these gorgeous Tiffany’s glasses that not only give me butterflies everytime I put them on but also provide me with correct vision! Ha, who knew how blind I was before I got my new prescription. I also have my eye on a few Burberry sunglasses, so we’ll save those for my next excuse to spoil myself 🙂

I’m back to going to yoga everyday. I took about 3 weeks off and my body and mind felt it. I never knew how therapeutic it was until I stopped going. How’s the saying go… you never know how much you loved something until it’s gone. Very fitting. Along with yoga I’ve been also taking advantage of the beautiful hills around my new home! Stunning views and a side of Vitamin D, beats the gym if you ask me.

  • On Valentine’s Day I had the pleasure of working a day shift, meaning I had an excuse to wear ALL pink. This made me really happy 🙂 I’m sure a few of the patients, and cough *staff* cough were annoyed but it was Valentine’s Day! Hallmark holiday or not, it is still a day to celebrate love, and if wearing all pink allows you to do that, then so be it.

    Our #babecave was filled with delicious meals this week. We are all about the salad game lately, pictured below is just a simple romaine salad. A few of my favourite ingredients I like to keep on hand include:
  • alfalfa sprouts: incredibly nutritious and adds a great flavour/crunch to your salad
  • broccoli slaw: I seriously never go without this stuff, it’s affordable and great to add to salads, or a stirfry for extra volume
  • berries: everyone loves a little sweetness in their salad or yogurt, and you get a dose of anti-oxidants, win win.
  • spinach, mixed greens, kale. My latest obsession is kale (I know old news) but seriously, all that chlorphyll <3 perfect to throw into a smoothie or add nutrients to a stirfry or pasta dish
  • nuts. Who doesn’t love them? I sure do. Walnuts, and brazil nuts are my current go-to’s… but had pecans on a salad and it was wonderful.
  • veggies of all sorts. Eat the rainbow yo.
  • olive oil/avo oil and balsamic or applecider vinegar. The flavour is in the veggies and spices, not the store bought dressing k?


This next meal was one of my favourites of the week! Hallie (my roommate) had made some yam fries that were prepped in the fridge, so I made a “hot” kale salad.

Basically I sauteed up kale, onions, and mushrooms in coconut oil and garlic powder, fact* I’m a HUGE fan of coconut oil and will cook everything in it, and have recently been introduced to “oil pulling” (swishing coconut oil in your mouth for 5-20 minutes) so I will have to try that out! I then threw in some pre-cooked chicken and yams to warm them, add once plated, added fresh sprouts, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and feta cheese. Oh, and a glass of red. Happy me.

Sometime’s I lie on this blog and when I say one thing was my favourite meal of the week I usually mean another… see below.

I don’t always froyo, but when I do, I do it right. My Saturday night consisted of watching the new Grey’s Anatomy, a pot or two of ginger green tea, and this beautiful creation. For the record, the next few days I did feel like absolute crap. My body is not used to this amount of sugar and processed nonsense but I figured it would be okay. In the future, I will probably stick to my “healthy” treats or simply some dark chocolate, but this was pretty amazing. Peanut butter lover at heart, sorry paleo.

A mixture of chocolate and peanut froyo, with pb cups, rolos, pb and white chocolate chips, peanuts, chocolate sauce,and sprinkles. Voila.

I also dyed my hair like ten shades blonder, bought myself some beautiful rings, and said no to a bunch of things I simply didn’t want to do. Cheers to the rest of February, off to Canmore this weekend to see my BEST FRIENDS!!



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