twenty eighteen

It’s still a little hard to believe it’s 2018. I moved to Kelowna almost 3 years ago, and despite so many changes that have happened in my life, I can’t help but feel a little bit stuck. Kind of like I was more ahead of the game 3 years ago than I am right now. As 2017 was coming to an end I felt as if everyone else was feeling motivated and inspired, pumped for the future and a clean slate. I was feeling a little unmotivated, uninspired, and a little lost about what my future had in store. I had many moments of weaknesses and self-doubt and I chose to stop doing the things that made me feel good, and gravitate to those that did not.

And then I decided to stop being all sad and dramatic, and remembered that this year can go exactly how I want it to go, and that the only person than can change the outcome is myself. So I made a list. Mmmm let’s just go ahead and call it a New Year’s Resolution List… so original, I know. And there’s 13 things on it because having just one, vague resolution such as “be more present” isn’t enough for me. I need actionable, measureable goals. So I made a list of 13 (I got excited) things such as reading 2 books per month, completing a Moksha 30 challenge, a vacation that promotes self-growth such as a yoga retreat or attending a self-development weekend, writing an outline for my book, getting IV certified, pay off a certain amount of debt, and my personal favourite, NOT downloading tinder or bumble. That one is only for like, a month though because I’ve tried meeting guys at grocery stores and my basket full of mystery health foods scares them away.

Not in to New Year’s Resolutions? That’s cool too. I’ve see this everywhere, “just be better than you were last year.” And that’s totally fine. You either love them or you hate them, it depends on your personality. I personally, need something written down, or I’ll spend the entire year snuggling Marlow and re-watching The Office, with over-priced wine, sweat pants, and some sort of fancy dark chocolate at my fingertips. Ps. if you see this scene play out on my instagram story, please kindly remind me of my New Years Resolutions List, as I seem to have strayed.

And then there’s the whole, “Why do you need to wait until January 1st?” crew, and yeah, I feel you. I don’t work a normal Monday-Friday job so I’m not all excited and motivated to jump out of bed Monday mornings with a brand new attitude to “slay the week.” Although, with Arie as the new Bachelor, I will have a little skip to my step on Monday’s, just sayin’. But seriously… genuine, kind, handsome, and a super promising season to deliver top notch drama during the most sullen month of the year. Plus, one of the things he’s most excited about in the world is being excited, and I think that’s absolutely adorable.

Whether you want to make changes January 1st, or right now, the point is, you at least want to make changes. So you’re halfway there (unless your New Year’s Resolution is to run a marathon, then I take that back). Your goals can be big or small. Vague or descriptive. But once you write something down, what you strive for is on your horizon, and if you continue to work towards it everyday, you will get closer to accomplishing it. Make a dream board, download an app, or write it down old school and just look at it everyday. Goals work for a reason. Accomplishment, big or small, makes you feel good. They say even making your bed every morning promotes a sense of accomplishment and makes you feel good, leading to a more productive day.

It’s about creating new habits, habits that serve you. It’s dismissing limiting beliefs that you hold of yourself. It’s ridding judgements of others, instead coming from a place of compassion and love. It’s goal-making, volunteering, exercising, connecting. It’s reading or travelling or taking your vitamins. If you’re not inspired to change, and you like what you have going on, then great.  I’ve made more mistakes this year than fingers to count them, so changing is non-negotiable for me. It has to happen because the path I am currently on is a stagnant one. And I’m excited to get moving forward.

Choose your path. Write down your resolutions, your goals, your own list.

Or type it up in Google Docs like it did because it’s 2018 and I don’t want people reading my diary.

Sending love as always,

THB <3


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