Whole 30: 1/3 Complete! 

Officially 1/3 through this crazy journey and I feel absolutely amazing. My skin is brighter, my sleep is sounder (when I do fall asleep.. still struggle with adjusting after working night shifts), and my energy is soaring. Along with following a Whole 30 diet, I am also keeping active everyday, whether it be running outside, lifting weights, or going to yoga. This process has really made me realize how much I was neglecting my health the last year and some of the sub-optimal food habits I’ve gained as well. I used to eat dessert every day, sometimes after every meal. Even some nights when I would eat dinner at 9:00 pm I would still make some type of “low carb” protein powder dessert or have greek yogurt with nut butter. This was the hardest habit to break when starting the Whole 30. It basically came down to fighting my urges. Although I did have some fruit before bed the first few days, which was more stemmed from having a craving instead of actually feeling hungry. Eating only 3 meals a day has also been a challenge, as I used to eat 6-7 times a day!! I never realized how much I fixated on food and eating until I began this challenge, and I’m so glad I recognized this, as now I can move forward and focus on OTHER things in life, you know, the things we LIVE for? School, work, relationships. Leaving the house for who knows how long and not having to pack Tupperware containers of food because I know I’ll be hungry. Here’s a gorgeous salad I brought for work one night during my first week. Spinach and cabbage, strawberries, avocado, and slivered almonds. Classic and light, perfect for when I’m eating later on night shifts.

I’ve also noticed my cravings have dissipated. I was walking in Save on Foods and normally I would literally stop and drool at the dark chocolate and sea salt Lindt bars, or stare at the lactose free ice creams and go over the macros justifying buying a pint. They also sell wine at the Save on Foods (weird I know but totally convenient when you’re planning a nice dinner with a wine pairing), but I actually have no desire to drink wine. I just feel so good without it, why ruin a good thing?

Also, apparently there’s some nice vineyards in the Okanagan so I’m sure I’ll go to a few tastings this summer 😉

Below is one of my favorite top 5 meals. A Whole 30 approved tomato sauce and ground beef (normally I would make it from scratch but time is money folks), and spaghetti squash cooked to perfection.

This time of year is beautiful in Kelowna. I cannot believe how lucky I am to live in such a gorgeous place year round. Summer definitely came early, it was up to 26 degrees last week! I couldn’t help but eat breakfast outside. Here I sauteed some vegetables in coconut oil-one of my favourite flavors-veggies includes pre-prepped sweet potatoes, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and green onion, and I scrambled in two eggs at the end. Pair that with a fresh cut orange and black coffee and your day is set.

I love that I can eat a healthy balanced breakfast and 6 hours go by before I think about eating!

This was a breakfast I brought to work one morning. I am up at 5 on these days and typically don’t like to eat that early! I boiled eggs the night before, mashed them up with an avocado and garlic powder, then added in spinach, broccoli sprouts, and fresh cherry tomatoes. Voila.

So I love love love spaghetti squashes okay, but acorn squashes… THESE are almost like dessert for me. The other half I just put a little bit of coconut oil on it and sprinkled with cinnamon and there I was, watching greys anatomy crying into my pretty little tasty squash. Kidding, but it was a pretty emotional episode.

Prior to that I had the first half with sauteed veggies in, you guess it, coconut oil, and some ground turkey I had pre-prepped in the fridge.

This is called my “I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow but I still have SO many veggies, WHAT do I do?!” meal. So one half is cabbage and random veggies with a tahini/apple cider vinegar/garlic dressing, easily my new fav. And then my broc-carrot-cauli mixture sauteed in coconut oil and garlic. I know this might seem plain and boring but for me this is heaven. I always feel incredible after a meal full of vegetables. I am also treating this Whole 30 kind of like a cleanse, and purposely trying to eat as many vegetables as possible. So far, I’m winning.

This was my grocery haul before another crazy week. Squashes, zucchini’s (zoodles anyone?), mushrooms, onions, bananas, plantains, lemons, limes, and and a bunch of greens! I still have plenty of frozen fruit and apples so I didn’t really need much more in that department. Overall, I would definitely recommend this program to anyone. Yes, it can be looked at like an elimination diet, and you are supposed to reintroduce foods slowly afterwards, but what if you end up realizing how GOOD you feel not eating dairy? Or hitting your fav breakfast spot for a sausage muffin in the morning. Try it out, you have nothing to lose.

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