Yam Toasts

Oh heyyyyy.

So obviously I had to write a blog post about yam toasts. It’s all the rave these days, and I’m not wasting anytime hopping on the trend train. The foodie in me couldn’t wait to start the hashtag fun! I mean, first it was avocado toast, or #avotoast if you will, and now yam toasts? Actually, now avo ON yam toasts. Brilliant.

There are many many different ingredients you can but on sweet potatoes. It’s like the perfect little vehicle for your favourite combinations, without the bread! Not knocking bread, I do love some Ezekiel toast, but this time of year, yams and sweet potatoes are in season and packed with nutrients. They are a good source of fiber and Vitamin B6 (ladies you’ll want those B6’s to help rid excess estrogen!), as well as complex carbs are important for hormonal health. Low carb diets can increase cortisol levels and disrupt thyroid and adrenal function, so adding some root veggies or squashes is a good idea if you suffer from hormonal dysregulation.

But don’t be fooled. Yams and sweet potatoes are different! Yams are way higher in Vitamin C, whereas sweet potatoes are extremely high in Vitamin A. I personally love the flavour of both, however yams have been my go-to lately. Their natural sweetness will definitely enhance your breakfast and not to mention they’re filled with healthy complex carbs to keep you fueled up and ready to go, especially if you’re planning on getting a workout in.

Back to my food. So… I’ve been cheating a little on avocados and using the guacamole from Costco. But seriously it is like the cleanest guac in all of the land, and Whole 30 approved! Of course I’m gonna buy a 3 pack and have a mini mexican fiesta everyday. Shown below is my first experience having yam toasts. I sliced them about… 3/4 inch thick? I’m no ruler. Then popped them through the toaster 3-5 times. I have no idea what setting the toaster was on because it’s not mine and I haven’t used one in 10 years. I also completely unplugged the toaster when sticking a fork in to snatch the yam toasts because I was somehow convinced I would get electrocuted even though it wasn’t on.. Always amusing myself. Anyways, this was my breakfast that beautiful morning, sitting outside in October. It was lovely. I had my usual farm fresh eggs with spinach and salsa.

Yesterday morning I stepped it up with A) Another slice of yam toast cause 2 ain’t enough, and B) some different flavour combos. On the left I have some nut and seed butter from Costco, the middle is the usual guac from Costco, and on the left I drizzled it with coconut oil, cinnamon, and pink Himalayan sea salt. The coconut oil was from Costco if you’re wondering 🙂  Pair these with some eggies and green tea and you’re all set!

Now, there are many many other ingredients to put on yam toasts. I’ve seen peanut butter and strawberries, goat cheese and figs, avo and cherry tomaotes, tuna salad, pesto with sundried tomatoes and goat cheese, honey and mango, greek yogurt and berries, hummus, or chia and pomegranate. It’s endless really! I haven’t seen any yam toasts topped with chocolate but I think I have a reason to go buy nutella now… But did I really need a reason? DID I?

Just to keep writing about non-sense, I spent the day running a bunch of errands I have been meaning to get to (including dropping off a heaping stack of clothes at Frock in Kelowna, to which she only took 3 items…) and also managed a quick hike up Knox with a girlfriend. My stomach was growling right before because as great as yam toasts are, they aren’t magic and you will eventually feel hungry at some point after breakfast.. So I had an apple with greek yogurt and almond butter!

The weather was perfect and you really can’t beat the view! Going to finish this off with a Marlow&Me selfie while we watched Greys Anatomy. Moments later I was most likely crying.. why didn’t April just TELL Jackson she was pregnant? Like obbbviously he was going to find out at some point. Yeesh. But whatever they are doing works because as soon as I wake up tomorrow I will definitely be tuning into what happens next. And to mention Jackson is already dating again… things are going to get ugly. Except not the characters, they only hire models. It’s no wonder the patients fall in love with all the Doctors. Anywho, enough of my 5 am ramblings.

Have a lovely day and don’t forget your Yam toasts!




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